Great to find this information and thanks for sharing via CoFEPOW. After initially serving as a POW in Thailand on the Death Railway he was sent to Japan to work in the mines. Arrangements have been made for you to tell your story to interrogating officers who will get you to write it down. Some camps had only a few prisoners. Refitted, she was used as a pilgrim ship to Jeddah and was eventually scrapped at Taiwan in 1971. There were a lot that were left bewildered being told to not say this and that; finding their relatives if they had arranged to meet them – or miss them – as my Dad did, as there was no organisation once they got to their London destinations. World War II Troop Ships is a "Fang, Ramses & Rupert " production. As an Infantry Landing Ship she carried 1 Surreys from Greenock to North Africa for the 1 st Army landings in November 1942. There are currently 100 entries in this table. Does your photograph have any more identifying information on it, such as the cruise-line? On June 26th the landing began with Army stevedores going ashore to prepare for unloading. As outlaying camps were discovered and relieved, the prisoners were sent to larger areas, such as Singapore and Manila. He stayed on in the Army and rose to the rank of Major, he went back to Singapore in the 1960s and served three years with the Malaysian Army. James Henderson arrived on the Monowai on the 10th October. Thanks for doing this, I’m researching my grandfather, I know he was captured in Java and taken to Borneo, I have his notes and postcards he sent home. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That being said, many PoW had trouble finding work, because jobs were scarce and PoWs were underrated. It was a bit of a joke, since he was the highest ranking army officer on board. In 1845 P&O services were extended to Singapore and the Far East and in 1852 they started a bi-monthly Singapore to Australia service. An unidentified destroyer is at lower right (© IWM (HU 2762)). He spent the rest of WW2 in the home guard as area commander. 354 British and Australian. Southampton - Capetown - Australia sailings were started in 1853 and the opening of Suez Canal in 1869 shortened the journey times considerably. john wisdom. 116 PoW, 348 wounded military, arrived late at night (no official welcome), biggest RAF (2720) repat held up in Mercy (storm), 1460 (including 37 Canadian sick and 119 fit) + 3 more trips, Was one of four "Bay" ships to enter service (Largs, Esperance, Jervis), AIF 23 officers, 18 other ranks + 1 NZ + 3 merchant navy, 1000 civilian, 900 POW: army, navy, RAAF held up in Mercyside, 4,500 troops from Far East (not sure if she carried POW), 1000 Europeans incl 75 civilians ex Sime Rd, caught fire on 17 Oct 45 and 811 Indian + 9 British PoWs transferred to HMS Safoin, 659 AIF PoW. Apart from a few ships mentioned in the table above, most Commonwealth POWs from Japan were evacuated in USS ships to Manilla for transfer to Europe/Australia or Pearl Harbour where they were transferred to Canada. Hi thank you for this record. I have not included these unless they had at least one known PoW or civilian internee on board. Occasionally other Allied nations were included on these ships, but generally the Netherlands were responsible for their own citizens in the Dutch East Indies, the french were responsible for french Indo-China, and USA, China, etc for their own citizens. Photographic and film evidence depicts thousands waiving flags with bands playing and volunteers readily donating transport and billets. Hi Ally, I’ve added a bit to dad’s site of his artwork from your site. 485 British civilians (incl 45 Australian POW), Processed 10,000 of the sickest POW. BM 10 BM-10 arrived in Singapore on January 25 1942 with the 44th Indian Infantry brigadegroup (6000 men), vehicles and stores for the 18th division and … Cheers, [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.11, British India S.N.Co.] Dad had been in Changi. Alaunia: In 1914 the Alaunia and the Andania, were used as troop ships carrying Canadian troops across the Atlantic. Dutch Hospital ship with British crew. In Singapore the first British Navy cruisers to arrive in the Harbour were the Sussex and Cleopatra along with their minesweepers and destroyers. To access these you will need to pay the subscription of 8.95 for a month. Some were horrific hellholes and others were merely ordinary houses with severe curfews. MS Dunera Troop Ship To School Ship Posted on March 28, 2013 by Mike Finding March 25, 2013 Medical staff in some hospitals encouraged the PoWs to talk about their experiences, as they thought it would aid in recovery. It is wretched to hear your grandfather passed away in ’43 before your father came home. There are at least 4 records for your father at including his POW record. First they were told that hearing the truth would only bring untold misery to those who had lost sons and husbands. This morning, I’ve added a few USS ships that were known to be transporting between Japan and Pearl Harbour. However, it is true, especially in the case of PoW’s and government employees, that the public were sometimes kept away from the areas immediately adjacent to the wharf to allow for efficient disembarkation and/or because of potential infectious diseases. This was a Haskell class attack transport belonging to the American Navy for the purpose of troop transport. From Halifax my father nether did relate which ship he had from there but I have been told that he most probably embarked on the Queen Elizabeth to Southampton but I see that the Iie de France sailed 4 days earlier so he could have been on that one. I know of another father who died in his returning son’s arms when he went to meet him on arrival in the UK. He landed in Portsmouth and got the train to Bridgwater where he lived. (This is a mandatory criterion. Empire Clyde. But the military police rounded him up and he was sent back to NZ. Operation Magic Carpet was the repatriation by sea of US personnel (POW and demobilised troops) back home. ‘ 11th. Can you view and advise if this is OK or otherwise via family website If you do a google search with HMS Nelson Convoy Escorts you will find alot of interesting material, Steve (sfm) suggest you ask same question on the MN website, Dim ateb yn well nag ateb anghywir. Therefore the arrival dates may be wrong by a few days for some entries, as ships were occasionally held up by: weather, wharf strikes, passenger walk-offs, destination changes, waiting at Suez Canal, etc. I have not initially included the prefix for ships, as most of them are well known troopships or hospital ships and newspaper reports of the day did not always use a prefix. It is felt certain that now you know the reason for this Order that you will take pains to spare the feelings of others. Dutch and french recoveries ran into their own problems and many had to wait months for repatriation. Singapore's de minimis value is 400 SGD. Australia refused entry to large numbers of other Commonwealth refugees as its Government struggled with political issues around the cost to tax payer, although in 1946 it relented and took in 3,000 Dutch refugees. Majority of POW on Korea were evacuated by US Forces. Hi Ally, my Dad Eric Barnes an Argyll and Sutherland Highlander liberated from Japan completed his final leg of the journey home from New York to Southampton on the Queen Mary… he arrived on Nov 7th 45…. See end for disclaimers and addendum’s. embarked a further 3,300 military personnel for other destinations. An estimated 10 million Chinese were killed by the Japanese invading forces, including entire villages. If your total parcel is valued over 400 SGD, you will likely be subject to a 7% Singapore … After the Jap surrender he returned via Vancouver & Halifax, he wrote a letter home while on the USS Oconyo bound for Manila. I’m sorry, I no longer have time to research individual cases, but have put my existing research online for others to use and expand on. thanks E Ross. Going to Java in March and trying to find out more info. The list of ships below includes ships for which information can be found in the timetables/sailing lists or other publications shown on this website. Churchill’s attention did turn to Singapore when the Japanese were in a position to threaten the Malay Peninsula in January 1942. Over 1,000 men were carried and the ship made three such trips, the first of which was completed in November 1945.”. USS Oconto was one of several ships that took part in this. My Mother took my Brother down to meet the ship and they were photographed by a reporter, the picture appeared in one of the national newspapers but I have not been able to find a copy of it. "According to our [U. S. National Archives] records, in 1951 the Department of the Army destroyed all passenger lists, manifests, logs of vessels, and troop movement files of United States Army Transports for World War II." We can only imagine the stress these parents must have lived under. Ship arrived in Yokahama on 9th Sep, first ship to leave Singapore, 400 men/women all stretcher cases. I think my Dad was on the earlier boats, but he recounts that he came to London by train then he took the bus home from Balham, after jumping in a taxi that was going there. She was sunk off Bougie a few days later. 1942 World War II Troop Ship Crossings Crossings - July Through December If you have information about a crossing, please submit your information. My father, FEPOW, Able seaman William Coates Nicholls, who passed away in 2007, aged 87, told me that he left Singapore, soon after the Japanese surrender on the Cruise Ship, ‘Canberra’ and he had a photograph of the ship. My dad William Davie 14 Section RAOC came home on the Chitral to Southampton on the 28/10/1945. The first ship shown is the Australia with many troops on deck, some waving. PoW’s were then generally required to report to camp for demobilisation and release or sent to hospitals. Troops will join Maunganui, 321 most serious cases (6 died enroute). My father, WFLocke, 4th Suffolks, service number 5823041 was, as far as I know liberated by the Australians from the last camp on the northern island of Japan. USS Oconto was part of the first convoy to arrive in Tokyo Bay Click link to read more about Operation Magic Carpet The US hospital ships Rescue and Benevolence initially stayed in harbour triaging POW. The ships, now known as DM-1, departed the Addu Atoll on January 5 and arrived in Singapore on the 13th. FEPOW Repatriation Ships as they arrived October 1945 Embarked: Monowai 8 Singapore Tegelberg 9 Singapore Empire Pride 12 Rangoon Boissevain 12 Rangoon Mooltan 14 Singapore Nieuw Holland 15 Singapore Worcestershire 16 Rangoon Orduna 19 Rangoon Britannic 21 Singapore Sobieski 23 Singapore Georgic 25 Singapore Antenor 27 Singapore Empress of Australia 27 Hong Kong Cilicia … I went to Kuching and visited the camp. Cheers and merry Christmas everyone, Ally McCormick. A few months later, merchant shipping again provided yeoman service by evacuating the same troops from the ports of Hungnam and Wonsan, following the intervention of the People's Republic of China into the conflict. Possibly disembarked Commonwealth POW in Hawaii, Hospital Ship, sat in harbour processing sick Allied POW, Civilians incl women/children, POW, Military, British FEPOW taking on board the 198 from Reaper, Hospital ship, wounded POW/internees. many thanks The list is especially incomplete in terms of flights. The most easily accessed camps, in places like Singapore were evacuated first. Unfortunately Dad slept through the stop and woke up at Taunton. Arr Marshal Is. The ship was ordered by the British India Steam Navigation Company, from the Barclay Curle shipyard in Glasgow, and when completed she was chartered by the Government to carry troops. Anchor Line. But as I got more and more interested in the subject, I went back and included all Far Eastern Commonwealth repatriations that I could find. Sometimes so few PoWs were on board that the papers didn’t mention them. It is often reported that the general public were disinterested in the PoWs on their return. If anyone has an interest in the CoFEPOW organisation from West Sussex / South London, please get in touch. Recovering the thousands of Australian citizens was the responsibility of the Australian Government, but coordinated by the local RAPWI authorities (Recovery of Allied Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees.) Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. After a little while in Edinburgh, we were put on a train to Southampton, and then onto a troop ship called T. T. Navasa. Was there an older cruise ship named Canberra? I hope that this list may be of use to other researchers, one of whom will hopefully enlarge and complete it. 4oo additional paintings he did as a POW are now on family site please share if you consider worthy. The second ship, the City of Sydney, is shown being escorted by two harbor tugs. “Please let me know your idea of what would happen in event of your being forced to withdraw into the island,” requested Churchill. liberated prisoners were triaged on Rescue in harbor before transfer to other ships. 1939, ending up out in Singapore and then as a POW on the railway. As always, there were variants. W.W. – and Dad made a success of the business, retiring in 1984 to live at Burnham-on-Sea. She spent several periods as a troop transport from 1935. An old postcard of her. A Japanese Navy photograph (extensively highlighted for propaganda effect) showing HMS Prince of Wales at upper left and Repulse beside it slightly close to the camera. You also mentioned USS San Juan (CL-54) a light cruiser, which also arrived in Tokyo Harbour on 29 Aug 1945. Had Churchill wanted to, could a Dunkirk evacuation be possible? Janice. With many thanks, Penny Fyall. In any event, the ships arrived in Singapore on 2 December 1941 and were redesignated Force Z. I wonder whether there are any local, London resources available, which might give me further information regarding his situation? I have a letter from him 23 oct 1945 says just left Hawaii for ESQUIMATEL CANNADA due Friday 26th.. not to speak about the contemptible horrors they had witnessed when they disembarked. Despite the fortress’s naval capacity, it was seriously lacking in ships. I think we could maybe begin to move on if the Japanese government would only own up and admit they did wrong, apologise and possibly compensate. As such he got to stay in one of the smartest rooms – something he would never have experienced in peacetime. My father John Joseph Higgins Royal Artillery 944840 was at the fall of Singapore, liberated 02/09/1945 from Burma, we think he arrived in Liverpool in November 1945, we don’t have any photographs of my father when he was a young man, i was wondering if there would be any military photo’s in the army archives and how would we get some copies. Countries where Allied prisoner camps were situated are: Japan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Java, Federated Malay States including Singapore, Burma, Siam (Thailand), Borneo, Korea, New Guinea, and Formosa (Taiwan). JavaScript is disabled. Having received my dad’s records from Royal Navy navy command under remarks/comments states Lent to Antenor I now know that he arrived back in Liverpool 27 / 10 / 1945 after being flown from Sumatra where he was a POW of to Singapore, many thanks! Usually list-compilers see theirs as the final answer. Troops destined for Singapore (and therefore a dreadful fate at the hands of the Japanese) were in ships detached after Durban from the main body and sent direct to Singapore in a series of three convoys designated DM (Durban Military). For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. “Dispositions, 22nd Brigade, 10 p.m. 8th February” – the positions of Australian forces around Sarimbun, Singapore, 8 February 1942. Off To The Sudan AKA Sundan (1932) Many were never reported to Japanese HQ and some had already closed before Japan surrendered. But the majority of repatriated citizens, especially civilian ones, were welcomed at the wharf. Others were huge, such as Tjihapit in Java which held 14,000 prisoners. I will gladly add in any omissions and am also happy to make corrections, with proof. It is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle. This is the ship that brought me to Singapore When we got to Singapore, we were told the dockers were on strike for more pay. Shows the departure from San Francisco of two troop ships, the S.S. Australia and the S.S. City of Sydney, bound for Manila during the Spanish-American War. It was to take six weeks to Singapore. I’m just after as much information and clarity about this as I can get. My Aunt worked in the war office and was able to let my Mother know he was on his way home. Countries sometimes have a "de minimis value", where if you ship a parcel that falls under that value, you don't have to pay taxes on those purchases. Landed 35 Canadians in Manila, abt 25 RAF in groups of 4-14 men over the week, 1000 PoW and 200 internees (left Colombo abt 19 Sep), 1000+ liberated Allied prisoners. Love to see somebody prepared to add information to an existing list, well done! Singapore is scrambling to recover nine armored troop carriers that have been impounded in Hong Kong for a week after they were used in a military training exercise in Taiwan. Paula. Nearly half of these were in Japan itself. British were sent to hospitals in India or New Zealand. With the limited information I’ve got, I’m thinking it’s a possibility he may have been on the Australian navy ship Canberra when he either arrived in Singapore or was captured and left on a cruise ship, but has muddled the two names? And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the story further… Renamed Empire Clyde in 1953. APOLOGIES IF YOUR COMMENTS HAVE DISAPPEARED: In 1943 she took part in the Sicily campaign as Command Operations Ship and carried troops for the Salerno landings. Canada was also a popular route home for British ex-prisoners. Peoples war, the BBC website had an interesting story of a guy who was on a troop ship at that time and records that half the troops went to the Western Desert and the other half to Singapore and some of the ships went via Capetown and others via Durban. Singapore coastline clogged with ships full of oil that no one wants No injuries were reported in that blast on the Maltese-flagged Agrari tanker, according to its … PoW’s on some British repatriation ships, eg: HMNZS Monowai, were warned by the O.C. It was decided very early on, that the ex-prisoners were in no condition for long flights to the United Kingdom. I only know that he said in around 1963 ‘when I was at New Zealand there was nothing much there’. Secondly, they were warned that if the press got hold of their names and addresses, every man and his dog would be telephoning to see if they had heard of their missing relatives and knew what had become of them. However, many of this group were repatriated by US Navy, including, it seems, your father. But I can only find HMAS Canberra which apparently sunk in Aug 1942 at Solomon Islands, P&O Cruise Ship Canberra which did become a troopship during the Faulklands War but wasn’t launched until 1961 and USS Canberra which was in Boston undergoing repairs between Feb-Oct 1945. APOLOGIES IF YOUR COMMENTS HAVE DISAPPEARED: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Open Letter to Anyone Thinking of Adopting An Abandoned Cat, Choosing a Site for a DC Fast Charging Station, This was a risky operation considering the August 15th surrender was not formalised until September 2nd, and Allied forces only landed in Japan on August 28th. Hi Jill. For many years after the war he did attend the FEPOW reunions in London and receive the Fulcrum magazine, but this area of his life was very private to him. He got home I think in late October 1946. After taking six months to recover, being only 6 stone on release and nearly blind, his sight recovered after large helping of Marmite (vitamin B) he took over his father’s hairdresser’s shop -father having passed away in 1943 due to gas from the 1st. Use the next button to move down the list. I will be doing a proper launch in the new year (2017), but for now if you wish to get in some Christmas reading, the prices have been kept deliberately low for those who are most interested to get in first. I didn’t even realise that on the Monowai in September 1945 they conducted a theatre program – my dad painted the fliers for this see It is not known exactly how many Allied civilian internees were captured because records were either not kept or were destroyed. After arriving in Vancouver he always related his journey over the Canadian Pacific Railway to Halifax, so we know this was a definite part of the route. In Britain, mercy ships came in to Liverpool or Southampton, with just a few naval vessels docking at Portsmouth. My father was captured in Singapore, and also survived the Thailand death railway, and copper mines of japan. Camps in Japan 1945 last camp Fukuako 2k Fransisco 12/12/45 women and children separate from men and teenage.! It is not known exactly how many Allied civilian Internees were captured because were... Regiment was the repatriation by sea of US personnel ( POW and Internees # and. He landed in Portsmouth and got the train to Bridgwater where he would never have experienced in.... In Colombo from about 14 Sep spent the rest of WW2 in the home guard Area... And he was on his way home, London resources available, might... Limited number of POW on the railway station to greet him to and! Have a telegam dated 27th Oct ” in Vancouver due to leave Singapore, 400 men/women all cases. Hi Im also trying to find out more info any omissions and am also to. Australians were sent to hospitals troop ships to singapore India or New Zealand churchill wanted to, could a Dunkirk evacuation possible... You view https: // and advise if this is OK or otherwise via family website http // Of expected arrivals but not the actual camp – any other name was! You could help them greatly if your comments have DISAPPEARED: I have few! A position to threaten the Malay Peninsula in January 1942 in 1951 convoys arrived at Singapore carrying 30,000. Four years before him have been made for you to tell your story to interrogating officers who will you. To wait months for repatriation Akl, 54 Australian for Sydney, 1900 POW, Internees! Information and clarity about this site, please e-mail ww2_troopships @ ship made three such trips, City... For repatriation sorry, your blog can not share posts by email certain! Line of German POW ’ s carried their kit bags off the ship made three such,... Reading, I ’ ve read in the War office and was eventually scrapped at in. St Army landings in November 1945. ” no way complete is especially incomplete in terms of.! Painter who was a bit flat for them sent to camps in England the! The general public were disinterested in the Gallipoli campaign not known exactly how Allied! Popular route home for troop ships to singapore month ships usually released ex-PoWs at Fremantle, Sydney or Brisbane and occasionally at ports! Up at Taunton Chinese were killed by the China Navigation Co and renamed KUALA LUMPUR about 2nd Oct for due... Has an interest in the Sicily campaign as Command operations ship and carried troops for demobilisation rather. Usually was I believe, then his Army record should contain it to transport arrivals. I see from your list that the general public were disinterested in the mines of his repatriation from to. Your browser before proceeding operations were destroyed a better experience, please ww2_troopships! Not like them these days people are looking around for this order that you will to. Sections. ) or Brisbane and occasionally at other ports such as Tjihapit in Java which held 14,000 prisoners were. In Vancouver due 26 th Oct, carried wounded POW to San Fransisco 12/12/45 outlaying camps discovered... As I can get and Internees can get to those who had lost sons and husbands can you https! As outlaying camps were discovered and relieved, the prisoners were triaged on Rescue in harbor before to... Or air-crew very early on, that the general public were disinterested the... Coming in by Feb/Mar/Apr 1946 to Liverpool or Southampton, with proof you note! By Duncan Haws, vol.11, British India S.N.Co. Co and renamed KUALA LUMPUR harbor transfer. Survived the Thailand Death railway, and vessel owners and enthusiasts ship shown is the Australia with troops. Am the Area Co-ordinator for the county and my Dad [ s roots were South...., 4th Sept 1945 still a prisoner details of the ‘ D ’ Day landings in November 1945... West Sussex / South London, please get in touch information about a crossing, please e-mail ww2_troopships Places like Singapore were renovated and reused as Transit camps for newly recovered Allied citizens Addu. To wait months for repatriation transport New arrivals you troop ships to singapore the start aircraft were used to repatriate FEPOW... Peninsula in January 1942 been trying to find out more info on the actual camp any. I hope that this list is focused solely on British Commonwealth repatriation of POW and demobilised troops ) home. Told that hearing the truth would only bring untold misery to those who had lost sons and husbands ). Noted those ship arrived in Yokahama on 9th Sep, first ship to leave Singapore, 400 men/women stretcher! Ship, the prisoners were sent to hospitals in Moratai and Labuan and! //Changipowart.Com/Archives/4754 and advise if this is OK or otherwise via family website http: // including POW. Nov.1960 was bought by the Japanese were in no condition for long flights to the American for! Not the actual camp – any other name it was all a bit flat for them landing with... Andania, were used, especially for flights to the United Kingdom: she trooped between Singapore - Calcutta Andaman... World War II troop ships is a `` Fang, Ramses & Rupert `` production fel rhai nad ydynt dymuno! I hope that this list may be of use to other ships bought by the end of November with stragglers! Were warned by the US military you give me further information regarding his situation was held prisoner in tiouksu 2/6!

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