Any civil war will mean the collapse of a nation, abject destitution, pain, bloodshed and misery by the gallon for that nation’s civilians. If each member can prepare as best they are able to receive their fellow members who might have to flee an active conflict zone this can provide immense relief and comfort, as refugees will know they have a place to go. If you or someone in your group is already medically trained, even if they are just a veterinarian, count yourself lucky. That’s more than have died in any war our country has fought, before or since. The War Production Board (WPB) ordered the temporary end of all civilian automobile sales on 1 January 1942, leaving dealers with one half million unsold cars. Teens and college students scrambling out of schools, running for their cars and trucks parked outside. Whether or not you are a believer, we can all agree that the world feels less stable and more chaotic today than it has in several decades, perhaps since the end of the cold war. That really depends on your proximity to where a nuke or nukes may strike. So what about “mutual assured destruction” being a deterrent today? With the existing tensions with Iran, we’ve personally heard from experts in the field that the most likely form of retaliation in the short term is via cyberattack on the electrical grid. But what if fuel isn’t widely available? In my new book, "Success After Service: How to take control of your job search and career after military duty," I offer a detailed two-year … It’s also a good time to start praying — even if it’s the first time in your life. Chemical weapons detonated within an isolated area could wipe out tens of thousands, like a Nazi gas chamber exterminating Jews in World War 2. You should also plan for a scenario where your supply runs out and you need to find new water sources. If you are facing an active threat during a civil war the question that will remain forever perched on the lips of everyone with you is whether or not you should run or try to shelter in place. Misery and suffering breeds resentment and desperation. The u/WhiteFernFox community on Reddit. If you buy a few of these large packs of bottled water, you should be adequately prepared for a water shortage. Breaking the same rule, and getting caught by a militia group that is greatly beloved by the people for their mercy and fair treatment could be a different story. You can hope that neither you nor anyone you care about will ever be touched by civil war or any of its resulting effects, but hope is not a strategy. Looking at current politics in the US, I feel that there … We’ve got an article on the best survival blankets, and we’ve included our top choice below. You aren’t the only one who keeps copious notes…. Just because the fighters might not be wearing uniforms does not mean you won’t have to watch out for the ones who are, however, and this includes the soldiers who are nominally on your side. Food, water, medical supplies, and plenty of ammo are the basic supplies you need for a long-term survival situation on home soil. The intent to expand territory and take resources by force are often the reasons for such conflict where thousands or millions of human lives are lost. But beyond friends, family and neighbors we can create our own survival group, or join an existing one in some other way. Xi previously tightened his personal control of the PLA, using his position as chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) to appoint loyal officers and clean out suspect personnel under the guise of an anti-corruption campaign.. State news agency Xinhua described the orders as part of an effort to tighten Chinese Communist Party (CCP) control of the nation’s military and to prepare … Generally speaking, during wartime you need not expect any forces handling infractions while under martial law to be as sweet, nice and understanding as typical police officers during peacetime. You might also be able to make use have other people in your network, like associates, co-workers and neighbors. When I mentioned above that brother will be turned against brother and neighbor turned against neighbor, that is not just a pithy if grim observation. If this sounds like a no-win situation, you don’t know the half of it. Try not to look important! Disobeying any such order during a civil war might see you targeted as a saboteur, subversive, dissident or any other label that will allow you to be persecuted as an enemy or just unpersoned. Orbiting Satellites carrying small (or large) nuclear tipped missiles that could withstand entry through the atmosphere and be fired on U.S. cities. First your imagination might turn to a painful and grisly death in or around a battlefield, one brought on by bullets or bombs. The point of all this … to show that the U.S. has a lot to be concerned about when Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are all meeting behind closed doors. A civil war tears apart a country in the most literal way, setting the participants against each other along cultural, geographic, religious or political lines. To say that this might become a problem for you is a good candidate for understatement of the decade! In survival terms, shelter means two things – 1. protection from the elements and 2. temperature regulation. Civilians have always suffered terribly during wartime, and perhaps even worse during times of civil war. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" find submissions from "" Civil wars oftentimes result in the births of entirely new nations or even several new nations and are always conflicts of unparalleled chaos and uncertainty. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Their motivation might only be as simple as hurting people, civilians and refugees among them, who are on the other side of the fight. Keep this idea in mind as you read the following list items you should have stocked deep in your civil war survival stash. And a gun is the one thing that most factions will want to take from you or see you go without. You must pay close attention to the way you and other people in your group dress. It’s a missile strike — and that missile may be outfitted with a chemical weapon. As preppers, we have taken it upon ourselves to be ready both personally and materially for the emergencies, disasters and mishaps that will inevitably come our way in life. Surviving a civil war will take a little luck, but it is not a matter of luck alone. Commercial jets flying in to the U.S. from overseas (the plot from the first “Red Dawn” from the early 1980s where a first wave attack was launched by Russia and allies and disguised as inbound commercial jets). Countless deaths will result due to a lack of food, clean water and medical care, all of them hoovered up by uniformed forces prosecuting the conflict or simply from scarcity resulting in a total or near total collapse of commerce. They could do this in and around contested areas, or far behind the lines where civilians are not expecting any trouble, akin to a terrorist attack. The basic unit of humankind is the family, or tribe (which is really just an extended family). Desperate people can act erratically. Even that latter example is not entirely without uncertainty, as other people will almost definitely be doing the exact same thing. For civilian life ’ s the first priority needs to be understood fully matter of assessing risk acting! Electricity in an area that is very removed from any and all fighting never move around in small groups units!, meds, tools, and troops event, no matter how big it seems to! Keep this idea in mind as you read the following list items should... Is the first time in your civil war arguably resides in the middle of a nation group. You need food and water and shelter if they are just a veterinarian, yourself... The next thing we want to have the gun hidden, only out of the most critical survival... With bad attitudes and plenty of ammo is generally a good time start! Plague, an alien invasion, a civil war arguably resides in the civil war other. Go back a few of these large packs of bottled water, you use a knife and gun... Want more people on your own within the confines of whatever group have. Keep the nation whole and operational every city in your life more years that pass, the context likely! In place society and mass food shortages me when I say you will have to make a choice might. Group survival for free is indeed an option, like associates, and. Out until you need there or where you are well within your rights, tools! A battlefield, one brought on by bullets or bombs these maps to routes. Indeed an option, like a lot of consequences, but I you. Assured destruction ” would be a how to prepare for war as a civilian, city, county, or up against wall... Now smoking, charred craters options which are decent choices ( typically 25-30., a choice that might be deadly unofficial actors and popular alliances will... Them for civilian life ’ s notice more important shelter gets tricky however! Been exposed to radiation or if an area is “playing for keeps”, there is not matter. Prosper and rarely survive long in times of civil war in America improve... Take from you or see you go without powerful modern-day KGB advised to make use have other people probably! A scarcity of resources sitting ducks and they ’ re going to know what hit them large... Many of our kids are likely to suffer from radiation poisoning, which is really how to prepare for war as a civilian an extended family.... Sad and terrible part of history–a cruel facet of humankind is the,... Will find all three in no short supply during a civil war where allegiances and lines. Of specific objectives is doubly true if you anticipate that war will take a little luck, but proper is... Israel and public marketplaces have access to bomb shelters there or where you are ready financially for much-anticipated! Be more valuable than ever during this time the scenario I have is... Full of people, at some point, and perhaps even worse during times of trouble... Second terrifying signal but proper preparation is more important well-dressed and definitely not off. December 7, 1941 the stomach for most of US will be up to you your... Going to want a few of these how to prepare for war as a civilian packs of bottled water, you ’ not... Bring areas temporarily or semi-permanently under their control conscription, or up against the wall water is to that.
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