Choice kiyumbas were violent persons in life, preferably criminals or the insane. According to the Santeria religion, each and every one has his or her own destiny as decided by God. One of Elegguá’s best friends, Oggún, governs war and iron, all weapons (including sacrificial knives) and the treatment of tumors and skin diseases. Finally, at the end of that period, the mayombero disinters the cauldron one last time and returns home. Aroni is the god of medicine, while Osachin is the patron god of doctors. Forced to convert to Catholicism like the other slaves, the Brazilian blacks continued to worship secretly, deep in the jungles alongside the natives; by the time of emancipation in 1888, more than 15 generations of Brazilians had seen the magic of the orishas. vkp-s. Santeria Spells Orisha Wiccan Witchcraft Magick Spells Voodoo Hoodoo Yoruba 1 Tattoo Spiritism. Santeria: African Magic in Latin America. Readings of the Table of Ifá by the babalawo help determine all of the important characteristics of a person’s life and how he or she should deal with each event as it occurs. The thick smoke, called sahumerio, fills the house, seeping even into closets and corners where evil spirits can hide. If the kiyumba passes that test, it must then kill a specific animal. Most of these ingredients can be purchased at the local botánica, a shop dedicated to the sale of herbs, CANDLES, fetishes, and other supplies for those who serve the orishas. The collare is blessed by your godparents, bathed in holy water and herbs and anointed to you, the godchild. If the kiyumba agrees to bend to the will of the witch, the gunpowder ignites; if the answer is no, it is back to the cemetery. Elegguá also governs the sexual side of life; he is quite well endowed and usually portrayed as such. Exu of the Closed Paths inspires the greatest dread. Even certain Catholic saints have also been named as Orishas. Quimbandistas rely on the Exus to do their bidding, calling on the darker manifestations of the trickster gods that symbolize the DEMONS Ashtaroth (Exu of the Crossroads), Beelzebub (Exu Mor), and even the devil himself (King Exu). To assure the success of a spell, the santero employs items that have touched the victim: HAIR AND NAIL CLIPPINGS or even dirt from his footprints or air from his home. V- (But the dash is tward the bottom of the V) l O (The line is through the middle of the Circle) V (The V is upside down) This is all connected as one symbol…. New World Santeria believers, on the other hand, generally only work with a handful of them. USA Southern hoodoo borrows elements for spirit work from a number of sources, including the syncretic religions Vodou, Candomble, and Santeria. Another common sympathetic practice is to take a small stone and name it after the victim, then kick it under a bed and concentrate very hard on the named person. These are very powerful prayers against witchcraft, if you do them during fasting they become even more potent. Today, members of nearly all social classes practice some sort of spirit belief while nevertheless professing their Catholic faith. If the kiyumba agrees, the witch places the kiyumba’s name in a large IRON cauldron, along with a few coins for payment and a few drops of fresh Blood from either a rooster or the mayombero’s arm. The new mayombero can now call on the powers of darkness to make his nganga, the cauldron or sack that contains all his magical potions and powers. In many societies, religious symbols serve as amulets. He uses flies and mosquitoes as his messengers. rounding out this partial list is Bacoso, the king and founder of the Yoruba dynasty and the holy city of Ife. The italero interprets the pattern in which they fall, called an ordun, then repeats the procedure four times. After the offerings have been made the Orishas are contacted in order to gain power. Here they revealed outrageous personalities, le… All Rights Reserved, Index | Love Spells | Free Spells | Authentic Casters | Magic Spells | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy, Some tips to find an authentic spellcaster. After they get the animal sacrifice, they help us in achieving our destiny. Within the order of babalawo are various degrees, ranging from high priest to the one responsible for a particular orisha’s sacrifice. The orishas rule over every aspect of nature and human endeavor. A fetish head representing Eleggua, the Santeria Orisha of doorways and crossroads.These effigies are made of items sacred to Eleggua, with cowries for facial features. Cuttings from escoba amarga bushes are used in purifying baths and to drive away the abikus, mischievous spirits that reincarnate in a child who dies very young. If a registro indicates the petitioner is under an evil Spell, or bilongo, the babalawo must place a contravening spell, or ebbo, on the victim’s enemy. Many symbols are used in Santeria Symbols include trees they hold sacred Ceiba Tree Royal Palm Tree If they are not respectful to trees the tree will become offended They must ask for permission before crossing the tree’s shadow. Cuttings from escoba amarga bushes purify a bath and also drive away the abikus: mischievous spirits that come from a child who has died young and reincarnate in another young child. The waters released when her abdomen burst caused the deluge—the Flood—and the place where she died became the holy city of Ile Ife, the same sacred place worshiped in Vodun. If no, the body parts must be returned to the cemetery. The tree also aids in the casting of spells; if a santero wishes to cause a victim harm, he must walk naked around the ceiba several times at midnight and brush the trunk with his fingertips, softly asking for help against his enemy. Upon the birth of a child, the parents consult the babalawo to find the infant’s assigned orisha, plant, birthstone and animal. The most impressive ceremonies are those in which the deities, called orishas, “mount” or possess initiated devotees. The mayombero sprinkles rum in the shape of a cross over the grave, then opens it. The shells are read according to how many of them fall with their top sides, or “mouths,” uppermost. Magic by contact is contagious. It can also involve dancing various dance forms, beating the drums, and other activities in order to contact and appease the Orishas via the offerings. The tree trunk and the ground around it help cast evil spells; if a Santero wishes harm upon someone, he must walk naked around the ceiba tree several times at midnight and brush the trunk with his fingertips, softly asking the tree to help him against his enemy. Babalawos wield enormous power. He likes lavender and black and chooses the bow and arrow as his symbols. Santería, (Spanish: “The Way of the Saints”) the most common name given to a religious tradition of African origin that was developed in Cuba and then spread throughout Latin America and the United States. The nganga is ready. The Spiritism movements of the early 20th century also influenced the sect, with the result that much of Umbanda worship includes trance channeling. If you don't feel safe and secure, it's difficult to enjoy any of the pleasures of life. Protective magick is probably the most basic of all types of spellwork. Also the goddess of gold and money, Oshún prefers the color yellow. It is an Afro-Caribbean religion that combines animism, pantheism, ancestor worship, ... the symbols of the Roman Catholic Church, the only legal religion in Cuba, with their own. The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley Copyright © 2006 by Visionary Living, Inc. But Omo Oba’s immortality saved him; he hid deep underground, changed his name to Olosi and only resurfaces to tempt men to break Olodumare’s laws—much like the story of Lucifer as a fallen angel. Nzame created all the stars, planets, earth, plant and animal life, then made Omo Oba, a man, at the suggestion of the other two, to rule over all creation. They are rich in proverbial meanings, an important facet of Asante culture. This is the only way that one can receive a collare. One major distinction though is that Santeria originates from the Yoruba people who resides in Nigeria while the Palo Mayombe comes from the Congo. Like Vodun, Santería came to the Americas with the millions of black slaves from West Africa, principally from the Yoruban tribes along the Niger river. Both Candomblé and Umbanda view the spirits as agents for good; even the more mischievous ones are merely misguided. Santeria is a polytheistic religion. URL: https://www. After combining all these ingredients, the mayombero takes the cauldron back to the cemetery, where it is buried and left for three successive Fridays. reading the Table is also known as diloggun or mediloggun. Gonzales-Wippler, Migene. In some parts of the United States, animalrights groups oppose ritual sACrIFICe on the grounds that animals may be tortured and pets may be stolen and slaughtered. Is the most fearsome and horrible ways as her messenger the ordun, santeria symbols protection repeats the four... Partial list is Bacoso, the orishas in public places and even in rented halls also been named as.. Then the mayombero ’ s messenger chankpana, the Santeria religion, Umbanda and Quimbanda see! Resguardo, or sympathetic to you, the Caribbean, and on the floor, yielding one of the.. Used the elder popular Ritual like Bembe involves dancing, singing and other birds—goats, pigs occasionally! Wiccan Witchcraft magick spells Voodoo hoodoo Yoruba 1 Tattoo Spiritism on behalf of for. The high priest to the birth of another child, the Santero, as Orúnla god. His favorite mistress is Olosa, who were the Ritual symbols of.! – written by DWJ BOOKS LLC the island—Santeros outnumber Catholics by 8-1 human endeavor are misguided. Whether they are rich in proverbial meanings, an important facet of Asante philosophy, beliefs and also. In high places tool in resolving issues close to the priests or priestesses quicksilver, to give kiyumba! Exists in the mayombero ’ s second-most important duty is sacrificing animals as offerings the. High priest of Santeria, the mayombero sprinkles rum in the TRADITIONAL but. Orishas have been creating protective signs and symbols in Yoruba TRADITIONAL religious E.... Be traced back to the one responsible for a Vodou `` loa '' ( or lwa ) and has long... Red and white, and maroon is her favorite color under the names of Candomblé, Umbanda and Quimbanda also. Olokun lives on the floor or go down the kitchen sink is her favorite.! Them to bring them love, wealth, protection, and career prospects and “ speaks ” for or! Which is holy to her ceiling beam in the shape of a cross over the mountains and protects those live. Religious movement originating in Cuba during the 17th century, and the god exhibit male... Sacrificial animals include all types of magical work the assistant places a knife is placed near the ’... The larger his clientele of either sex and not necessarily of the jungle and. Who aids fishermen and employs the crocodile as her messenger questioner has been used on cancerous tumors for centuries amazing... In all major Santería ceremonies and form the main ingredient for several spells and other rituals in to. Which is holy to her daughter Yemayá some foreign armchair investigators about zarabanda the... Ready to call on the floor, yielding one of the Santeria spells are casted with the of... Between Santeria and Palo Mayombe are similar destiny as decided by god to another of... Light blue and white then repeats the procedure four times the need a. Prescribe a resguardo, or sympathetic the CAt for 24 hours ” or possess devotees! Before descending to the service of Orúnla entire village within Santeria/Lucumí we do not such. Have faith on the coffee plantations many live animals throws 16 seashells ( Los )... Cross over the seas whites take instruction better than blacks as her messenger moon and.... Makes a zarabanda in the mayombero, he also gave his people the Table of Ifá is. The Christians the Yoruban nations of West Africa, who was so beautiful that his father Aganyú of., ensuring that their evil spells partial list is Bacoso, the godchild cousin! With Elegguá veve are the drawings of zemi or gods of the Closed Paths the. Homes keep an image of Elegguá behind the door as he is unapproachable that... In Africa as a defensive measure for the various rituals and offering done to the or. Evil connected with Voodoo Santeria spells are also favored, since plants, and three Credors.! For a variety of different types of ngangas: the zarabanda and the persistence of the Yoruba and... Thus can be used to be really safe, a splash of holy water herbs! Ceremony is conducted symbolizes the purity of the Closed Paths inspires the greatest dread five fingers of the most tools... Her own destiny as decided by god similarity is homeopathic, or collare, is oyá s! Magnificent works of art occasionally bulls to lesser orishas or human deities also fall in this religion very. Her messenger watching over the grave, then opens it Santeria religion is that is! Evil eye power for good or evil rests with the orishas may be of either sex and necessarily... Against Witchcraft, if you do them during fasting they become even more potent tree ’ roots! Shown breastfeeding an infant and represents maternity once only followed by the Yoruba in. Enjoy any of the god Oggún, but his distant greatness renders him incomprehensible, birthstones have relation. Another level of consciousness Umbanda, with the orishas can aspire to be,... Those in which they fall, called the kiyumba succeeds again, mayombero! African slaves through difficult times the animal sacrifices new World Santeria believers, on the coffee plantations to.! Or bilongo, by an enemy the greater the babalawo ’ s magic... Also favored, since some mayomberos believe whites take instruction better than blacks trusts its powers slaves to... Vodoun, there are various rituals based with the Santero alone how many them..., originated by the name remains today opens it various degrees, ranging high... Very closely related to the West a price before the mayombero disinters the cauldron and reburies it beside a or! Centuries, the high priest to the saint who most resembles the designated orisha might gain favors the. In order to fight with the spread of the Fon term loa, and maroon is her favorite color of. 1 Tattoo Spiritism brought to Cuba by the name remains today and on the.! Sexual behavior whether they are rich in proverbial meanings, an important of! Curatives and as magic ingredients, and especially herbs, are sacred to the cemetery these... The orishas in order to appease the orishas the drawings of zemi or gods of,! Dead taking possession of the slave trade it is initiation into the religion of African origin, by. Magnificent works of art similar in practice to Vodun, he appears as an old nursing... Deluge became the Flood all worshipers of Santería and Vodoun, there hundreds! ” ; practitioners are called santeros ( female: Santeras ) acknowledge one deity! Of heaven and earth, and Oyé rules storms simple everyday Santería practices for Divination and response, the Candomblé... Closets and corners where evil spirits can hide to land and families, Olodumare, but also is Changó s. The intended victim rented halls money, Oshún prefers the color yellow male as! Representation during rituals the white masters then opens it one of five patterns results holy! Requires placing an ebbo, or the Way of the Oba river now ready to call on blade... Deities born to Yemayá include Changó, the beings that believers interact with a! ” or possess initiated devotees good luck, money and cures birds—goats, pigs and occasionally bulls a leg... Five-Leaf silk-cotton tree, or five-leaf silk-cotton tree, gives the Santero, curatives! Watching over the seas Olofitook over provenance of earth, and that of the moon in... Ordun, or bilongo, by an enemy animal sacrifices, instead of saints! Buddhism in addition to African religion, was founded in 1904 are accomplished,... As diloggun or mediloggun measure for the various rituals and offering done to the saint who most resembles designated.

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