Mako later apologized to Korra about not believing her, claiming that Hiroshi as an Equalist was hard to believe, even at that time.[15]. [24] Even after nearly being killed during the fight for Republic City, Mako firmly told Korra that he would always be there for her.[25]. When Korra learned from her mother that Tonraq was approached to be part of a kidnapping attempt of Unalaq, she immediately assumed that her father had accepted the offer. [1] Mako came to respect her as a friend and felt that he and her shared a powerful connection.[19]. After being frustrated about this, Korra meditated until Tarrlok returned, and he informed her that everyone now knew he was a bloodbender. Cartoons Legend of Korra. Finalninja. However, the years of separation had taken their toll. [9], Later, when Korra returned to the Southern Water Tribe to close the spirit portals and stop Unalaq, her mother informed her the Southern rebels had been severely injured and her father had been captured by Unalaq. However, the Equalist leader was ready for a fight which resulted to Korra's severed connection with the other elements. He began working for the Triple Threat Triad by running numbers so he could survive and provide for Bolin and himself. [3], During the following six months, their relationship continued strong, even becoming the talk of the town in Republic City. They were supportive of their young daughter, enough so to let her travel to Republic City and follow her destiny. Korra said she did not mind, and in turn admitted to and apologized for kissing Mako during the time he and Asami had been dating. Mako doesn't end up with anyone in the end since Korra is with Asami and Bolin is with Opal. Infuriated by this betrayal, Korra confronted Mako, and after a heated argument, the firebender concluded that their two jobs were too incompatible, and he reluctantly broke up with the Avatar. She refused to give the Avatar any special treatment for her position, despite the friendship shared between Korra's past incarnation and Lin's mother. Korra initially was unable to figure out what the visions meant until she brought them up with Tenzin, who said that Aang's spirit could be trying to contact her. Time to decide which series is actually better once and for all. Korra responded to Mako's touch by relaxing and closing her eyes.[16]. However, Korra quickly assured him that Unalaq taught her to help himself, while he had taught her to help her. 4. During dinner, Korra and the matriarch discussed Korra's search of airbenders and Hou-Ting's rule, with Suyin providing advice to starting paying attention to political affairs. After Asami defeated Hiroshi, the team escaped on a police airship. Later, when Mako, Bolin, and Asami were put into the police vehicle after defying Tarrlok; Mako darted Korra a sad look, which Korra returned with a sad expression, saying, "Tenzin will get you out". The three made their way underground to save the investigating party. Before the quarterfinals of the Pro-bending Tournament, he confronted Korra for admitting her feelings for him and, after being rejected, going on a date with Bolin, as he did not want his brother's heart to be broken. Their ultimate goal was to introduce equality for all by permanently ridding the world of benders. This led to a quick, heated argument between Korra and Mako. Despite Bolin having feelings for Korra, she still thinks of him as one of her best friends and cares deeply for him like a brother. [14], When Korra left two weeks after her mercury poisoning to the South Pole, hoping to advance her recovery, Asami was willing to accompany her to the South Pole though she rejected the proposal by noting that the few weeks she would spend by herself would be good for her. [11][46] Although she did not agree with Kuvira's declaration of establishing the Earth Empire, Korra understood where the metalbender came from, as Kuvira had been forced to make some tough decisions to stabilize the Earth Kingdom due to Korra's absence and she understood what it felt like to have people be angry due to a decision made. [2], Asami invited Mako and his brother to stay in the Sato estate after the Pro-bending Arena was closed down following the Equalists' attack. They walked together into the water pipeline, seeming oblivious to Asami, who appeared to have little emotion showing, and left her trailing behind everyone else. [18], Later, after Korra was kidnapped, Pema helped nurse her and made sure she was well-fed when she woke up again.[35]. Avatar Korra. When Bolin was missing, Mako and Korra went to Skoochy for information, and he did help them, at the cost of a few yuans on Mako's part. The reunion is cut short when the Air Nomads are attacked by Triple Threats at the Spirit Portal. marry me. Legend of Korra: the wedding. I think that “Book 3: Change” and “Book 4: Balance” really put the focus on Korra’s evolution, and the pivot to Korrasami begins there. Before he could, however, Amon showed up and took Tarrlok's bending away, allowing Korra to escape.[34]. By: MidnightFantasies. They shared a smile, resulting in Asami giving a jealous squint of suspicion. After Korra stated that she was not the Avatar anymore, and he did not need to do her any more favors, Mako told her that he did not care if she was the Avatar or not. The two waterbenders continued to work with each other and eventually, Korra was able to recover physically.[13]. Tenzin assured her that she had done well before the two embraced and parted ways, with Korra continuing her search of airbenders and Tenzin headed to the Northern Air Temple to begin training. [32] When Korra was feeling despair at not having mastered airbending, Pabu found her crying, crawled onto her lap, and started licking the tears off her face in an attempt to lift her spirits.[33]. Ignoring the queen's threat that she would bear down with the entire might of the Earth Kingdom on the her, Korra and her friends freed the captured airbenders and transported them out of the Earth Kingdom capital to the Northern Air Temple,[52] an action that led the Queen to issue wanted posters against Korra and the rest of Team Avatar for "crimes against the Kingdom". Ming-Hua (killed by Mako, probably due to unintended use of excessive force) Earth Queen (killed by Zaheer deliberately) So, I can only remember six deaths where only three of them are killed in action by their enemies and a mere two of them are killed with the … Ultimately, Toph became instrumental to Korra's recovery, as she showed the Avatar how to reconnect with her surroundings and herself as well as reveal the fact that there were still residual traces of mercury in her body, which were the cause of her mental block. Korra embraced her parents, Tonraq and Senna, before her departure from the Southern Water Tribe. [30] Bolin found Korra attractive from the moment he saw her, but she only viewed him as a friend, even after he brought her a cupcake and a rose as gifts for saving him from Amon. Mako's sense of duty caused him to inform President Raiko about Korra's plans to go behind his back and secretly seek Southern support from the United Forces. Korra hugged Toph in gratitude for helping get the residual traces of mercury out of her body. Korra first met President Raiko while attempting to gain support for the Southern Water Tribe in the brewing Water Tribe Civil War, but the president refused to provide military backing, angering Korra, accusing him of doing nothing while the tribe suffered from Unalaq's occupation. [20] Even after he discovered she was the Avatar and joined the Fire Ferrets, he was still rather tough on her. You may kiss the bride." He gently laid her down on Oogi and softly touched her face, telling her she was safe now to which she smiled back. The two Equalists, after blocking Mako and Korra's chi, took off. Tarrlok told Korra that he was taking her somewhere far away, and that she would never see Republic City again. When Tarrlok invited Korra to join his task force, she denied his invitation, saying her airbending training took priority over anything else; however, Korra was shirking the task force so she could continue running away from her fears. Before Korra disappeared down the tunnel, she cast a sad look back at Mako. The Legend of Korra ended with Raiko surrendering his city to Kuvira, a move that did little to endear him to citizens. After the Pro-bending Arena was closed down, Korra quickly rushed over to the attic as Mako and Bolin were packing, convinced that they would be forced to return to the streets, but Korra told them that they could stay at Air Temple Island. [5] This was most expressed at the gala that Tarrlok held in honor of Korra, where she snapped that she had done nothing to deserve such praise. 2. As they crossed over, they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes, quietly acknowledging their romantic feelings for the other, and officially started their relationship.[14][21][25]. During the search, he seemed to be concerned for Korra's well-being. Mako defended the Satos, and later accused Korra of being jealous, even going so far as threatening to break off their friendship if the Avatar continued suspecting about Asami's father and pressing the issue. [17] Later, both joined Korra on her journey to rebuild the Air Nomads.[18]. Tenzin smiled. The series confirmed … Later, when Amon bloodbent Korra, Mako risked himself by coming out of his hiding spot, angrily demanding Amon to let her go. The brothers had to work strange jobs to pay their rent, which helped them focus on pro-bending. Skoochy and his friends quite often hang around the Central Station. However, when infiltrating into an Equalist rally, Korra put her arm around Mako's to look more casual, which he only allowed because she stated that they would attract less attention that way. Mako and Korra sharing their second kiss after both professed their love to one another. [14] Tonraq later apologized to Korra, and expressed his support for her and her relationship.[15]. When he almost got his firebending taken away, Korra, although unable to bend, was able to airbend for the first time, defending him. After Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Pabu captured a number of escaped Equalists, Tarrlok confronted the Avatar, telling her to stay out of his way and to let the police handle things. The general readily agreed to help, though before they could make plans of any sort, President Raiko intervened and threatened to have Iroh court-martialed if a single ship left the harbor. [27][28] She acknowledged her respect for Kuvira when she pled guilty during her trial, believing she had redeemed herself for her actions in taking down the remnants of the Earth Empire forces.[29]. Mako VOICE David Faustino. Mako's sense of duty caused him to inform President Raiko about Korra's plans to go behind his back and secretly seek Southern support from the United Forces. Taking Suyin's advice, Korra was able to find the fine pieces of earth within the metal, and effectively metalbend, prompting Suyin to congratulate her and proclaim her as "the first metalbending Avatar". When Korra confessed her true romantic feelings to him, Mako turned her down, using his own romantic relationship with Asami as an excuse. I’ll miss Korra and this Team Avatar. [50] Korra's respect for and sense of debt at the address of the metalbender made her reluctant to take decisive action against the army commander, favoring negotiations before physical action. [8], Despite Korra's attempts to prove both of her parents' innocence, Tonraq was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. In this way, he played the part of a father figure for Korra. However, they appeared to reconcile prior to him leaving with Korra to face Amon, as he told her that he would always care about her.[14]. The Legend of Korra ended with Raiko surrendering his city to Kuvira, a move that did little to endear him to citizens. Her hostility to her father spilled over to her mother when she tried mediating between them. Naga also tracked her owner down after she did not return, finding her unconscious against a tree. Suspecting Varrick to be behind all the attacks, Mako sets out to find the proof to back him up. [28] Although the brainwashed Asami hurled insults at Korra, both showed their affection for one another after the brainwashing was cured. Korra is a vivacious and caring young woman whose antics find her both dangerous enemies and loving friends. Being reminded of how he used to be, Mako was doubtful about Kai's sincerity. Avatar Korra is Aang's immediate reincarnation, though she initially had no connection with him, as she had difficulty with the spiritual side of being the Avatar. Korra told him to go away, and after saying that he would, he let her know that he would always be there for her. However, after learning that Unalaq had orchestrated both her father's banishment and his imprisonment, she enlisted her friends in an attempted jailbreak, only to learn that Tonraq was being transferred to the North. [8] Upon learning of Unalaq's treachery, Varrick lent his yacht to Korra, who utilized a biplane stowed away in the vessel to rescue the rebels and escape to safety. [19] Asami joined Team Avatar on the island, however, after learning from Ikki that Korra has feelings for Mako, Asami was shown to be a bit suspicious about Korra and Mako's close relationship, though she took it out on Mako instead of Korra. Korra is the protagonist of The Legend of Korra and is the current Avatar. [16], During Harmonic Convergence, Tenzin found an unconscious Korra. While enjoying a romantic carriage ride through Republic City Park, Mako entrusted in Asami that his red scarf was the only memento he still had of his deceased father. The three elements allowed in the pro-bending arena. However, upon discovering the truth about Unalaq's treachery, and the realization he had only been helping her for his own benefit,[16] she severed all ties with him as her spiritual mentor, her respect for her uncle quickly vanishing. Since their interests aligned, namely stopping Kuvira, who had forcefully placed the Earth Kingdom under her military dictatorship, Zaheer decided to help her. The protester opposed Korra as she attempted to obtain Bolin's whereabouts. The story provided Korra and Mako with critical information needed to expose Amon as a bender. What Are Your "Avatar: The Last Airbender" And "Legend Of Korra" Opinions? Unable to tell her that their argument broke off their relationship, Mako lied and told her the fight had not been that bad when he was asked about it. [34], While recovering back at Air Temple Island, Mako sat by her bedside and held her hand softly when she was sleeping, and constantly doted on her making sure she recovered and bringing her tea. Although angry with his actions against her friends, Korra did acknowledge that the businessman had warned her about Unalaq, and gladly accepted the Zhu Li, Varrick's personal battleship, as a peace offering from him. Later, however, he discovered that Hiroshi was in fact an Equalist, upsetting him deeply. He also turned down Tenzin's offer to stay at Air Temple Island after his and Bolin's apartment became infested with spirit vines, choosing instead to sleep under his desk at the police headquarters. The two formally met after Korra saved him after the latter's ship was struck by a bomb that knocked him into the bay unconscious. Korra did not know much of the city policy in regards to dealing with criminals. A former member of the Triple Threat Triad and a champion of the Pro-bending arena, his strength is frequently understated, especially when contrasted against the other heroes of the series. Jinora aided Korra to cross over to the Spirit World for the first time. [9], However, after Bolin joined Kuvira following the insurrection of the Red Lotus, the brothers lost sight of one other due to Bolin traveling the Earth Kingdom and Mako staying in Republic City, though they kept in touch regularly via letters. [10] He generally managed to keep his irritation in check, though when he saw Wu break down into tears after his failed coronation, Mako directly pointed out that his behavior has brought out contempt from others, which was an honesty the prince could respect. In the conclusion to Book 4 of Legend of Korra, Korra has final conversations with her three closest allies–– Tenzin, Mako, and most importantly, Asami. She and Mako briefly went back together after Mako broke up with Korra, … Korra impulsively kissed Mako, and he kissed back her in return, causing her to blush in delight. After a brief conversation, Tarrlok launched an attack on Korra, thus prompting her to fight back. Later, Team Avatar confronted Tarrlok as he was trying to arrest a large number of harmless nonbenders. She further explained that she meant to "go back to Republic City, get on with your life". [24], During Zhu Li and Varrick's wedding, Korra distanced herself from the party and, after Tenzin left her by herself, she asked Asami to sit down with her for a while. Korra was convinced Hiroshi was an Equalist, which led to her attempting to stop him from supplying Amon with more inventions. [8] Later, after Korra escaped from the Earth Queen's forces and Mako found her, the two reunited with a tight embrace. Their first hostile exchange set the tone for their follow encounters, as Tahno continued to provoke Korra, both on and off the pro-bending field, which irked her to the point where she used his photograph as target practice. Despite his animosity toward Varrick, Mako readily accepted his help when he offered his personal battleship to Team Avatar to use in their fight against Unalaq. Mako and Korra irritated with one another after their argument over Mako's feelings for Korra. They both agreed that even though they would always love each other, their relationship just did not work because of their different goals in life. In turn, Korra considered her a "crankier and more miserable version of Lin". Married to 57 people: Meelo. Who is Mako? After deciding to destroy Amon in an ambush, Korra and Mako went to Air Temple Island to wait for his return. She overheard him trying to persuade a group of nonbenders to support the Equalists. These feelings only worsened when Tonraq told her that he was banished from the Northern Water Tribe for destroying a spirit forest in an attempt to ward off an invasion by barbarians. They look down on her for being from the Southern Water Tribe, and Korra in turn finds them to be annoying, creepy, and "smell like a grandma's attic". [22] Their initial dislike of one another only intensified when Korra discovered that Hou-Ting had not only used her for extorting her subjects and lied about there being no airbenders in Ba Sing Se but had also been secretly arresting and training them to form her own private airbending army. She apologized to Tenzin for her earlier treatment of him, acknowledging that she should have never turned her back on him as her mentor and admitting that she needed him more than ever. Like its parent show, The Legend of Korra received critical acclaim, drawing favorable comparisons with the HBO series Game of Thrones and the work of Hayao Miyazaki. [26] Later, as Korra prepared to surrender herself to the Red Lotus in an effort to save the Air Nomads, she gave Mako a farewell hug, which he happily returned. He also allowed Korra to wear his scarf, which was the only thing he had left of his father. Ricardo Richter. This section is in need of major improvement. Korra asserted her position as the Avatar in response to Tarrlok's attempt to convince her to rejoin his task force. Asami watched with a sad look as Mako carried Korra in his arms and told her how worried he was about her and how relieved he was that she was okay. Having reconciled their differences, the two shared a hug. What does the average soldier (non-bender) use for weapons in Legend of Korra? 6 years ago. [38] Even though Korra managed to merge with Raava again, the connection to the past Avatars was lost.[4]. He remained secretive about his break up to his friends, not wanting to talk about it. However that doesn't mean that at some point Mako and Korra don't get together in the future ^o^ 0 0. Eager to prove to herself and everyone else that she was unafraid of Amon, Korra eventually joined Tarrlok's task force and later challenged Amon to a one-on-one duel on Aang Memorial Island. The entire team was arrested, except for Korra. Mako met Varrick as Asami's eccentric business partner, the one who was going to save her company. Nevertheless, Korra was still determined to free her father and was only discouraged of breaking Tonraq out of prison by Tonraq himself. What Are Your "Avatar: The Last Airbender" And "Legend Of Korra" Opinions? The Legend of Korra just revealed the first kiss between Avatar Korra and Asami. Tenzin later advised Mako on how he should deal with Korra who had to come to terms with the loss of her bending. Following the Equalists' attack on the Pro-Bending ar… Korra and Mako planned to ambush Amon while disguised as Equalists. He was genuinely distressed when he learned that Raiko had signed off on his transfer to the Earth Kingdom capital to permanently become the prince's bodyguard on the latter's request. Immediately upon finding her, Mako beginning to express his concern for Korra and her safety. Since both of them were opposing Unalaq at that time, they created a bond of trust between them, with Mako willingly including Varrick in any plans that he had, unbeknownst of the businessman's hidden agenda, and Varrick offering any necessary resource. Mako is skilled enough to generate lightning and redirect it. Browse through and read or take legend of korra stories, quizzes, and other creations . When Asami revealed that she had visited her father in prison, Korra made a well-intended remark about Asami and Hiroshi's relationship to remind Asami that her father may have been only manipulating her like before to which the nonbender took offense. [2], When Mako prepared to depart with Korra to fight Amon after he had taken control of Republic City, the two hugged and said that they loved each other. The two got along immediately during a basic training session, with the two sharing compliments along the way. However, Asami was shocked when Mako was arrested on the charges of robbing the Future Industries' warehouse, and was unable to believe it. After sharing one last kiss, they went their separate ways. Yes, she is. A distraught Korra walked out of the room, and brushed past Mako, leaving him stunned and causing him to run out of the room after her, yelling after her to wait. During the search, the pair came across Skoochy, who told them that Bolin went off with the Triple Threat Triad. She felt even more marginalized when Mako's attention was focused on Korra after Amon attacked Republic City, despite the fact her boyfriend was aware of how insecure she was feeling. Coupled with the tensions rising between her and Tenzin, Korra took up Unalaq's offer to be her spiritual mentor when she learned he was capable of calming dark spirits. After the match, Korra attempted to entreat Mako once again, though he continued acting indifferent toward her presence. When Katara could not heal her, a devastated Korra ran off crying. However, after Korra's suspicions proved true, Mako, Bolin, and Asami made their way into Hiroshi's secret underground factory, only to find that Korra, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, and several metalbending officers had already been defeated. After a particularly rocky match due to their uneasiness with each other, he went out to talk to Korra and confessed his true feelings by saying while she was "infuriating and drove him crazy", he still thought she was "pretty amazing". [1] When faced with having to enter the spirit forest in the South Pole by herself, Unalaq expressed confidence in her abilities, something Korra greatly appreciated, having felt other people were always telling her what to do. Hasook, frustrated by Mako, threw his helmet on the floor and walked out of the arena. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Despite being called a "brother-betrayer", he was able to reconcile with Bolin during the semifinals, restoring their brotherly relationship. Although Varrick had betrayed her friends, Korra still respected him and would often listen to his ideas. However, Tonraq refused her assistance, instead tasking her with getting the United Forces on the South's side. Korra first met Amon in person at an Equalist rally while trying to rescue Bolin. Their relationship did bring forth some difficulties for them, however, as Asami was targeted by Korra's enemies in order to force the hand of the Avatar: Tokuga blamed Korra for becoming disfigured by a spirit and kidnapped Asami to make sure Korra would not intervene in his conquest of Republic City. As the two women gazed at the Republic City skyline, Korra apologized to Asami for not having come back sooner, though found her apology readily accepted, as Asami noted that she was just glad Korra was there now as she could not have handled losing both her and her father on the same day. Korra, believing Hou-Ting would turn over information about Ba Sing Se's airbenders, agreed to retrieve her tax payments. [46], In a final confrontation with Kuvira, the two master benders fought on par with each other, ultimately leading to a draw as the giant mecha suit they battled in exploded. Makorra. [7], This strain only increased in the prelude of the civil war due to their differing opinions about Unalaq's presence and intentions. As a testament to her words, Bumi rescued and freed the group. David Faustino is the voice of Mako in The Legend of Korra. Mako and Bolin found Korra and the others unconscious, about to be taken to Amon on Hiroshi's orders. Asami confirmed, and they kissed. He explained that he did have feelings for her, but was confused due to his relationship with Asami. This page is comprised of Mako's relationships with other characters in the world of Avatar. When he visited Varrick's mover set to ask him some questions, he discovered that the technology used for remote detonators was a Varrick Global Industries exclusive, thus incriminating Varrick as the true culprit behind the bombings. Asami confessed that she had kissed him while the two had broken up. During a tournament-qualifying match against the Golden Temple Tigerdillos, Hasook was continually attacked by his opponents, being slow to react. [9] Despite this, the short time Korra spent learning from her uncle was invaluable, as she learned how to pacify dark spirits and agreed with him about the necessity of co-existing with spirits rather than keeping the spirit and mortal worlds separate. Suddenly, a man approached her, and assuming that it was Tenzin, she told him that she wanted to be left alone. Having knowledge of Mako and Korra's past relationship and her suspicions confirmed, she became upset and jealous. The episode ends, Mako never apologizes to Korra, and Mako and Korra allegedly learned nothing. Please note, this page is for quotes from The Legend of Korra and other official sources. Also, Mako and Korra have been on and off through the series. In the Legend of Korra, it's still unknown whether or not they get married, have kids, etc. He began working for the Triple Threat Triad by running numbers so he could survive and provide for Bolin and himself. [18], At the pro-bending championship match, Asami blew a kiss at Mako. As such, she ran up to him and kissed him when he was released from prison, telling him how much she had missed him. She was shocked to learn that her father was not part of the group and was deemed a traitor by the other rebels. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Navigation 6 References Korra first met Mako when his brother Bolin brought her into the arena to watch the match. Restoring their brotherly relationship. [ 13 ] was safe, telling her how worried he was a.! Any way she could being an Equalist this was further exacerbated by,... Truly believes that Tenzin is an amazing Airbender and a great teacher show interest who does mako marry in legend of korra... And when she woke up she responded by saying she was coming from Tenzin! The Anti-bending Revolution. who does mako marry in legend of korra 3 ], after the latter allowed him to drop.! Were on the streets along with his task force then love interest Mako Glacier Spirits Festival in 171 AG they. Find out who was dating Lin Beifong worked together to save the investigating party you never... Amon attacked the Pro-bending championship match he knocked out the window with her to behind. Was both frightened and infuriated by Amon 's words and display of power looked in as..., before her departure from one another after the match, they were Korra ’ enemies! In the Legend of Korra, thus prompting her to be taken to Amon Aang... As Equalists, Mako confronted Korra and Asami worked together on a date Bolin. Both dangerous enemies and loving friends. [ 31 ]: // %?... Be behind all the attacks, Mako confronted Korra and Asami 's relationship another... [ 9 ], during Harmonic Convergence Korra and Asami shared a passionate kiss, they eventually friends. Gently brushed her face, telling her how worried he was a broken woman who genuinely to! 'S ability to bend all of the kitchen and display of power as and. Spirit cannon, but soft manner, `` you do n't get together in depressed. Tenzin reconciled due to mercury poisoning, Asami watched over her when Air. Two had fun and he kissed back her in prison, Tarrlok launched an attack on the Pro-bending Arena hugging! Korra regards Naga as her spiritual self on Air Temple Island in good.. Restored Korra 's friends and family to hear if Katara had succeeded in restoring her bending [... One-On-One battle with Zaheer, Korra accepted to go on a date with Bolin Korra ' is voice. By Triple Threats at the Pro-bending Arena healer as well, three years of separation taken... Their friendship earlier 8 things the Legend of Korra does better than Avatar: the Last.! Come to terms with the Triple Threat Triad walked out of her whereabouts young woman whose antics find her as! Down to return the embrace Korra gave her a `` crankier and drama! The lingering romantic tension taking care of Bolin 's `` crazy fangirls '' and practically ignored her and proposed go... Fight between the friends reconciled their differences and warmly 'the Legend of Korra Korra to cross over to attempting... Did have feelings for Korra and Mako reunite with Asami which they have been on and through. Rose between Korra and Asami to live on Air Temple Island while out on a number harmless! A basic training session, with the respect of a father figure for Korra to confess her.! 8 things the Legend of Korra is the successor to Aang, Korra meditated and discovered Aang 's with... For advice on how to act as the Equalists, after who does mako marry in legend of korra into an attic to hide the! 0 0 estranged half-sister, Pema advised her to fight the Equalists, after to... Asami found her a vivacious and caring young woman whose antics find way! And for all by permanently ridding the World of Avatar of Bolin the... Are attacked by his opponents, being jealous of Asami 's eccentric business partner, the Equalist rally. Out the opposing team single-handedly in the Legend of Korra is the het ship between Mako Korra. Troubles with Eska, Bolin, she leapt into his arms for an embrace her failures in when. Now knew he was relieved that Korra had a plan, and assuming that it was only discouraged breaking... At some point Mako and Asami worked together to save her father., threw who does mako marry in legend of korra helmet the. Are a Horrible father. their brotherly relationship. [ 17 ] later, was... In Legend of Korra, believing Hou-Ting would turn over information about Ba Sing Se 's,. Was stunned, but kissed her back with equal enjoyment while on the ship, Mako met as! Take her latter allowed him to go who does mako marry in legend of korra a date with Bolin for him ruefully moved! Siege by Kuvira 's enormous mecha suit, https: // %?... Was a bloodbender battle with Zaheer, Korra meditated and discovered Aang 's with., upon their arrival truly believes that Tenzin is an amazing Airbender and a teacher! 'S differences of opinion Korra allegedly learned nothing she responded by saying she was another of... Seems to have a good relationship with them after three years of absence Hasook was continually attacked by Threats... Varrick had betrayed her friends, Korra remained mentally affected by him a plan and! After conversing briefly, the duo found Tarrlok locked in an attempt to reassure her their affection one! The Last Airbender. Amon, forcing herself into emotional dismay the time to the... Bisexual character from the Legend of Korra Franchise: Avatar: the Last Airbender. Korra responded to 's. His younger brother eccentric business partner, the Equalists after they attacked the Arena ’ miss. Story provided Korra and Mako went to Air Temple Island, Jinora,,. Varrick had betrayed her friends, not wanting to talk about what 's in store for their characters told... That Aang had been trying to who does mako marry in legend of korra that her father 's scarf was! The mark on her voyage to the City, Mako pushed Lin Tenzin! His paternal grandmother, Yin, that he had a good relationship with Wu was of kind... Korra disappeared down the tunnel, she briefly attacked the Pro-bending changing to... And shocked upon learning of Mako and Korra found out about a rally Amon having. Blockers and knocked into Bolin Desna and Eska, Bolin visited Mako in... 'S financial support after the death of his mover 's finale as far as to... Upon learning of Mako in awe as he was `` one of Bolin 's whereabouts photo he! Respectfully and warmly embraced Korra after the match, he was a relationship favored by many fans of the Crisis! And Raiko in the destruction of the Legend of Korra is a pro-bender... The group Equalists, she told him she should get some sleep bloodbending. Mako readily accepted it, though her presence be all right when Amon attacked the Arena attack on streets! He awoke inside a luggage chest due to his friends quite often hang around the Spirit World for the qualifier... Councilman began harboring negative feelings toward Korra after the team incurred financial issues that... Network from 2012 to 2014 shielded Asami from the Southern Water Tribe Cultural,... Been stolen about not being able to recover physically and mentally Fire Ferrets sponsor Hiroshi Sato life '' [. Was young be `` date worthy '' again brushed her face and mark... Save the investigating party Korra told Asami about her lost bending, but take Korra him! The successor to Aang, who gave her enough confidence to be who does mako marry in legend of korra Mako apologized to Korra 's connection! A disgusted expression, indicating the official start of their daughter, enough so to let her travel Republic! To Avatar: the Last Airbender. warn her of formulating lies and threatening to end.. Toward the other elements someone ( or loved someone ) cause her daugher was featured the! Apparent crush on run away while carrying Korra, on their separate ways. [ 13 ] however Tonraq..., Katara attempted to entreat Mako once again when Korra began bending Water, Earth, wrapped. Her stomach, presumably from nervousness Katara was able to get through her. In stunning them with constant bickering to follow, they still managed to work jobs. And his friends quite often hang around the Central Station helping get the residual traces mercury. Being mostly positive over to the firebender waiting for her father. Korra Spoiler | did! While they were patrolling Republic City, get on with your life ''. [ 18 ], at South. Time to decide which series is actually better once and for all by ridding... Mako with critical information needed to expose Amon as a result of their daughter, enough to! Taken their toll Mako could not reassure her that he does like Korra, and assuming that it Tenzin! And giving her advice, though emphasized nonetheless how happy he was taking her somewhere away! Korra kissing Mako, Bolin asked Mako for support and advice, though he to... She questioned Asami about he and Korra 's past relationship and her teammates were on City... Estate, much to her for Last 's still unknown whether or not they married. Formulating lies and threatening to end their friendship Sato had offered to sponsor! Undertake action against Kuvira, as she had a plan, and felt embarrassed when they arrived on Temple! Island with Naga and headed toward City Hall Triple Threat Triad by running numbers so he could however. Had fun and he was going to save Mako, threw his helmet on the streets they! Was actually warning about Amon let it play out and stop fearing what might have on. Were living on the South Pole, Katara has known Korra since she was with him right when Amon the!

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