From K-pop albums by BTS and BLACKPINK to surprise releases by Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, 2020 may have been a dumpster fire, but when it came to music, the year … Afrobeats is a prime example of the future-pop that actually transpired, a hyper-digital sound far easier and oozier on the ear. Bedroom is that album, a full-on submergence in a swirling pool of gothic shoegaze, abundant with suffocating jams and life-saving attacks of adrenaline. Through it all, clearer-than-ever proof emerges not just of a great band in stride, but a cultural fact: women continue making the most vital rock music now. The Strokes – The New Abnormal Equal parts meticulous and haphazard, the self-directed songs pick up on the percussive thread of 2012’s The Idler Wheel… with elemental rhythms formed, in part, by handclaps, floorstomps, and furniture-banging. Much like Sufjan Stevens in the songs of Carrie & Lowell, Allison ventures into the tundra of her despair and emerges with an unsparing and unsentimental account of survival. Punisher hears Phoebe Bridgers sculpting a night terror into a daydream. However, it has certainly underlined the importance of music and the role it has to play to unite us, heal us and make the hard times more bearable. –Mankaprr Conteh, When Big Thief scrapped their international tour this year, Adrianne Lenker found a world of her own in a cabin near the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Kate NV on the 9 Things That Inspired Her Excellent New Album, Rina Sawayama on Her Wildly Eclectic and Disarmingly Personal Debut Album, Chicago Indie Rockers Dehd Tackle Life’s Cosmic Joke With Unpretentious Charm, Lomelda’s Hannah Read Is Forever Searching for Connection, product of his father’s sins cursing east Brooklyn’s soil, How Drakeo the Ruler Recorded an Amazing-Sounding Album From Jail, How Radiohead, Social Media Addiction, and the Ravages of Climate Change Inspired Kelly Lee Owens’ New Album, Porridge Radio Make Indie Rock for the Angsty Antisocial in All of Us, The Quiet Return of Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens, Get to Know Amaarae, Who’s Expanding the Sound of Afropop, Destroyer’s Dan Bejar Serenades the Apocalypse, U.S. It is. According to bandleader Robin Pecknold, Fleet Foxes’ fourth album carries the mission to live “fully and vibrantly” in celebration of lost heroes like Arthur Russell and John Prine, an especially poetic resolution in the grey hours of the present. It makes for a complex and personal statement about the nature and worth of Black creativity and labor. But the raw energy of Apple’s voice is the album’s life force, and there’s no mistaking the subjects of her missives—be it the men who refuse to recognize their abusive behavior; the women who, like Apple, were conditioned to compete with other women; the mean girls and those who called their bullshit; the users and the silencers; the people she fears will leave her. When a slightly unfinished version of Jay Electronica’s Act II appeared this October, it had been a little over a decade after its initial slated release, and most fans had given up hope on it ever actually coming out. Enter SAULT, the mystery music making UK collective with an album that delivers equal parts grace and charge, manoeuvring through disparate sub-genres to create a magnificent medley of exaltation. On their pop- and R&B-bending second album Ungodly Hour, they’re figuratively slapping an ID card on a bar and saying, “Bartender, I need a drink.”, The Bailey sisters have quietly lost some of the wide-eyedness of the past and instead turned towards the flotsam and jetsam of twentysomething life. On Have We Met, the Vancouver-based Destroyer maestro slips into another velvet interior, only to find it's a sort of Black Lodge. K-SW Dream-sequence strings float atop dissonant shudders; Sumney’s voice transfigures mid-run like a stage trick, his falsetto a sudden flapping dove; he sings about being between polarities of desire and identity as if to lay claim to both at the same time. One minute, he is at peace, nearly succumbing to whatever comes next; the next, he is spoiling for a fight, ready to wrestle death to the mat one last time. Plus a plethora of releases from rock's rising stars. On his first album, Live Forever, there’s a righteous defiance to the way the D.C.-via-Oklahoma artist scrambles 2000s indie rock (the intimacy of Bon Iver, the bombast of the Arcade Fire) with hip-hop cadences, emo intensity, and punk catharsis, as though he’s working it all out in real time. The Needle Drop's Highest Rated Albums of 2020. –Sheldon Pearce, Listen/Buy: Apple Music | Bandcamp |  Spotify | Tidal, Hannah Read can make a melody out of anything. You air-drum the little hitch in “Fox” again and again across your steering wheel; you throw your chest forward in your home-office at all the perfectly executed half-time breakdowns; you do isometric lunges while Stoitsiadis sings about disintegrating. Albums of the Year 2020: Steve Earle & The Dukes - Ghosts of West Virginia In a year when we all dug deep, Steve Earle discovers a rich seam Albums of the Year 2020: Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways Dylan pulls out the stops for this late-period masterpiece After recording various live concerts throughout 2018, this record is the result of a collaborative writing project with audiences, informed by the band's ever-developing performances. As 2020 comes to a close, our staff took a step back to honor the songs, albums, and artist discoveries that had the greatest impact on our lives. TDF Albums of the year 2020. By now, Drakeo has been released from jail, making GTL a testament to resourcefulness that will hopefully remain an anomaly in his catalog. For all its gentleness, it is an album of deep resolve, unshakable in its commitment to the idea that a better world is possible. Buy now on Rough Trade Exclusive yellow vinylBonus Exclusive: Live at the Nave 10" white/black splatter. Discover our Top 10 Albums below, celebrated by numerous special exclusive editions and releases. This music invites friends to wade in its relief, conjuring an aura of lush abundance amid solitude: Shore’s opening moments are ceded to 21-year-old newcomer Uwade Akhere, who murmurs about summer passing into fall, and loving with a violent passion; later on, over 400 recorded voices, solicited by Pecknold over Instagram, swell in the chorus of “Can I Believe You.” As Pecknold reaches his mid-30s, he leaves behind the fidgeting anxiety of youth. There is almost no reverb. A brighter, twangier outing than the debut, fuelled by bolder experimentation, all the while retaining that sure-fire sound we have come to define this talented band by. –Colin Lodewick, In 2019, Chicago indie rock trio Dehd released the sparse and scrappy album Water, with songs informed by the romantic breakup of bassist Emily Kempf and guitarist Jason Balla, accompanied by Eric McGrady’s one-tom, one-snare minimalism. This has it all and then some.Immerse yourself in this sun soaked triumph built with the sweetest grooves going. “I grew up in the shoes they told me I could fill, shoes that were not made for running up that hill/And I need to run up that hill, I need to run up that hill/I will, I will, I will, I will, I will,” she insists on another title track doubling as a renewed mission statement. Buy now on Rough Trade Exclusive galaxy vinylBonus Exclusive: Copycat Killer 12". As ever with late-period Dylan albums, death lurks in every corner: as a prompt for bloody, Frankenstein-ish experiments in “My Own Version of You,” a red river to be traversed in “Crossing the Rubicon,” a body who shares his bed in “I Contain Multitudes,” a nameless rival in “Black Rider.” The gravity of Dylan’s voice and the clarity of his vision allow him to address these wraiths as an equal, one with intimate knowledge of the darkness they inhabit. Synth stabs that at first seem uniform take on entirely new shapes with every repetition. –Jenzia Burgos, On her fourth studio album, UK singer-songwriter Jessie Ware conjures the erotic frisson of the cruisy dancefloors we aren’t permitted to congregrate on while the global pandemic rages on. Her glittering debut, The Angel You Don’t Know, features waist-winding afropop rhythms; bouncy, avant-pop melodies; experimental modulated vocals; and playful lyrics as Instagram-ready as any artist this side of Drake. AC/DC reconvened to pay tribute to their late founding member Malcolm Young, winding up with deeply felt good-time rock & roll. Here are the 50 best albums of a year unlike any we can remember. In a year when an entire … 2020 hasn’t been an ideal year, but it still produced exemplary new albums, so check out our ranking of the year’s best below. The 50 best albums of 2020: the full list Fiona Apple Composite: Gary Miller Our countdown is complete, topped by a mercurial work of sprawling invention by a woman who has dug deep to survive. Heaven flirts with familiar rock motifs as often as it subverts them, morphing into something unrecognizable. Oh, and those extended guitar-driven instrumentals we know you are all drooling for? This year hasn’t been easy for the music community, or any community for that matter. But if you listen closely, a universe might open in the split-second space between two hi-hats. To all the artists, labels, our friends and our customers, thank you for your support in 2020. Girls on the Absurdist Meme, Anti-Colonial History, and Soul Records That Inspired, Phil Elverum on the Song He Wishes He Wrote, A Day in the Life of Bad Bunny, Introverted Superstar, Jessie Ware Explains Why This Smoldering Alicia Keys Ballad Is Her Personal Anthem, Phoebe Bridgers on the 10 Things That Influenced, Moses Sumney Is Ready to Claim His Spotlight, Fiona Apple on How She Broke Free and Made the Album of the Year. Recording it over a few short weeks at the onset of the pandemic, Charli escaped isolation’s creative doldrums by opening up a feedback loop with her fans, sharing real-time updates and allowing them a hand in her process. The first of two incredible albums released by the band this year is weapons-grade R&B and luxuriates in being unapologetically Black. She turns liquid on the synth-sheathed “Time,” raps on the chaotic “Riquiquí,” and glitches with her voice pitched high on “Rip the Slit.” Presented as the first of four eventual albums, KiCk i shares all the promise of becoming, in both its pain and its joy. Written By SPIN Staff December 10 2020, 9:45 AM ET. –Allison P. Davis, The followup to Kelly Lee Owens’ breakthrough self-titled LP is rooted in pain and loss—the shedding of a toxic relationship, the death of her grandmother, and the decay of the environment. The historical sweep of the music is equally broad, not simply focused on this-minute sounds but spanning decades of influences and collaborators—the latter ranging here from ancestral icon Youssou N’Dour to nineties legends like Timbaland and Diddy, to recent stars like Stormzy. Like the insect that wears its skeleton outwards - she adorns a polished carapace that hides a candid nature. Yet, despite the gruelling impact of Covid both personally and professionally on so many people, many electronic acts still managed to battle on through as our 2020 Review of the Year feature explored. These instrumentals lend a “sense of comic relief,” Allison says, “like when you joke with your friend about your unhealthy habits.” In a year when hundreds of thousands of Americans perished, we needed friends desperately—someone to make us laugh, and someone to sit with us at shiva. Buy now Bonus Exclusive: Sideways to New Italy Demos 12". In the companion short film, he accompanies his thoughts by flipping through hundreds of old photos, adding bittersweet visual cues to the rambling narrative. We count down to number one, with entries from Soccer Mommy, Run The Jewels, HAIM and Moses Sumney ... Whatever your taste, the best 50 albums from this year … The resulting songs pierce her party girl persona with something more sentimental—and sometimes quotidian—but, true to form, she buoyed the vibe with sugar-rush hooks and blowout beats. A list of the top albums of the year from Uncut. … Working Men’s Club - Working Men’s Club20. The final addendum came in June: the protest anthem “The Bigger Picture” is a jarring inclusion on an album that isn’t overtly political—and that also makes it perfect. As he smiles on “Young Man’s Game,” “I’ll be lying in my ocean of time.” –Cat Zhang, Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter-producer Amaarae assembles music that makes very little sense on paper. Over airy guitars on the somber “Pop Song,” she exposes her least flattering attributes: a rotten core, a bitter disposition. His first album of 2020, YHLQMDLG , … As 2021 approaches we reflect on a year unlike…, We're delighted to announce our new Live From Rough Trade livestream series, broadcast in high-definition from Rough Trade East, London.Our Live From Rough Trade shows…, Rough Trade Edit Podcast Albums of the Year 2020 Special, Suite For Iain and Jane / House Music All Night Long. And in the past decade, the rooms have become markedly more luxurious, with sophisti-pop saxophone, synths, and strings giving new plushness to his formerly sparse songs. The Allmusic 2020 Year In Review. In February, it was a memorable yet conventional 20-track Atlanta rap album. “I have a gift, I’ve been told, for seeing what’s there,” she sings on “The Eye,” and her perspective has never sounded so clear. Traditional structures melt into long vamps, as on the tormented psychedelic ballad “Kerosene!,” which distills the album’s beguiling agony. - - - 50. –Marc Hogan, Duval Timothy is constantly dismantling to rebuild on Help, a gorgeous, crestfallen record about possession and healing. Caribou - Suddenly16. Each element, shorn of everything extraneous, glows with significance. For each tart complaint (“I hate your mom”) or fatalist disclosure (“I’ve been playing dead my whole life”) is a glimmering prophecy that one day things might be just fine, even if that day comes at the very end of civilization. From the velvet-heavy chug of “Simulation” to the microdosed funk of “Shellfish Mademoiselle,” Róisín Machine knows what it means to disappear in the dry ice and come out feeling new. Her fifth album’s title is a personification of the anthropocene, a theorized geological epoch in which civilization provokes its own destruction via climate crises. This album arrived in the thick of a global lockdown, and I don’t think you could have found a voice more suited and comforting than Laura’s at that moment in time. The Quietus Albums Of The Year 2020. Buy now Bonus Exclusive: Offcuts 12" splatter vinyl. "THIS IS NOT A LIVE ALBUM – it’s an ALIVE ALBUM" reads the press release. A band who inspire, promote and radiate inclusivity, Dream Wife's undeniable friendship and dynamic creative output is about as infectious as it gets. A married mom in her mid-30s, Ware is still able to capture one of nightlife’s great gifts—the exhilarating thrill of being single, looking out onto a packed dancefloor, and seeing the possibility of magnetic attraction. Within these entrancing soundscapes, stray ruminations float to the surface. –Sam Sodomsky, On Eternal Atake, Lil Uzi Vert employs an extraterrestrial concept that should be kitschy—in the album’s trailer, he’s jetted into the cosmos in a saucer the size of a city block by a humanoid cult—but instead lends the LP an intergalactic sheen. Albums of the Year 2020. “I no be politician/Me no like no politics,” Burna insists—and that rings true. Twentieth-century listeners imagined the music of the next millennium as a harsh, mechanistic grind or a frenzy of twitchy glitches. 10 minute read. If you'd picked up a pen at the end of last year and listed the things to look forward to in 2020, you'd have been spoiled for choice. It goes without saying, every single record in our list is outstanding and it is a privilege to share and shine a light on such exciting music. Her mother’s terminal illness and her own struggles with depression appear in a wintry synesthesia of yellow, blue, and gray. Jay’s strange sense of humor appears regularly, like when he builds a perfect woman who “had an ass like Rosa Acosta” and “smelled like strawberries” on “Rough Love,” or when he’s absorbed by the flaws of Western civilization on “Run and Hide.” The rumors have been justified. The Best Albums of 2020 This year was highlighted by projects from artists like the Weeknd, 21 Savage, and Megan Thee Stallion. 11. 3: Special Interest - The Passion Of; 4: Lyra Pramuk - Fountain; 5: UKAEA - Energy Is Forever; 6: Duval Timothy - Help; 7: Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello; 8: Nadine Shah - Kitchen Sink; 9: Pa Salieu - Send Them To Coventry With Saint Cloud, Crutchfield’s fifth album as Waxahatchee, she climbs to solid ground, emerging from the storm self-assured. They are mostly untitled, proceed according to a single tempo across the whole album, and feature a drastically limited instrumental palette. –Evan Minsker, Grimes embodies the unhuman on Miss Anthropocene. The album is always enchanting and full of small surprises: the particularly cartoonish warble of a synth on “Sayonara,” the intimate binaural hums on the meandering “Marafon 15,” the burst of laughter answering the lure of a saxophone on the cosmos-traversing “Plans.” New details peek out on every listen, like elements of wonder waiting to be discovered. “Oh, emptiness/Tell me about your nature,” she sings on “zombie girl.” While songs mostly consists of Lenker’s silvery vocals and brambled acoustic guitar, and instrumentals turns toward fingerpicked meditations and wind-chime drones, both sound like nothing so much as the rustic abode that Lenker has likened to “the inside of an acoustic guitar.” These records put you right inside that hollow. Poignant collages of interviews split the album into sections; the speakers’ recollections of hurtful memories and childhood bedrooms suffuse the music with empathy. But the best albums of 2020 proved that incredible new music will always make their way to our ears, even in the toughest of times. –Ross Scarano, Megan Thee Stallion’s official debut album is a triumphant joyride that more than fulfills the promise of its title. Without further ado, Atwood Magazine is proud to present our curated list of 2020’s Albums of the Year, in alphabetical order. The relentless angst of Nuvolascura seethes with pain and revenge. These are tracks with expressive, textured sounds. ), Listening to Mary Lattimore’s Silver Ladders feels like blinking awake on New Year’s Day: There’s some melancholy over what has passed mixed with buzzing wonder at what lies ahead. Twirling in the fog of producer DJ Parrot’s near-industrial spin on 12” disco, Murphy lets us into her wildest dreams and wrongest desires (“Ten lovers in my bed / But I want something more,” she sings on “Something More”). Marling’s most straight-forward album is also her most tranquil, clear and idyllic to date. Heavy Light is filled with existential dread, but it aspires to a gentler world, one where the burden of being isn’t so leaden. –NM Mashurov, Rina Sawayama’s debut album is unafraid to present all of her paradoxes. Whispers suggested the big names were back: A new AC/DC album, perhaps. –Matthew Ismael Ruiz, Sophie Allison paints with the shades of a bruise on color theory. It’s sassy R&B, beach-ready house, crass nu-metal and ultra-pure-neon-pop-power, all stuck together with PVA glue and glitter. For all of the record’s industrial squall and techno blast beats, it doesn’t just inspire destruction—it asks what you’ll rebuild from the rubble. –Marc Hogan, Dua Lipa, Jessie Ware, and Kylie Minogue all sashayed back to the disco podium in 2020, but none captured the paradox of the genre—its hedonism and heartbreak, its pain dunked in prosecco—quite like Róisín Murphy. –Brian Josephs, A band’s impact shouldn’t be hypothetical, but here’s Dogleg, the debutants of Michigan emo, whose breakout year mostly took place in the imagination. An undeniable collaborative enterprise, Jarvis' vocals as captivating as ever.Emily, Buy now Bonus Exclusive: Suite For Iain and Jane / House Music All Night Long 12". Share this article 189 shares share tweet text email link FTW Staff. With no stadiums to fill, Swift could take risks that would have previously seemed unimaginable in a discography calibrated to reach the cheap seats: work with the National’s Aaron Dessner as her principal collaborator, duet with Bon Iver, make tracks that sound like Low and the Sundays, drop an s-bomb within the first 20 seconds of the first song. ... AC/DC, and Stephen Malkmus reminded us that rock isn't dead. "Therapy through noise." Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, his fifth album, celebrates the endless possibility and vulnerability of the body without losing sight of the fundamental absurdity of the human ordeal. The British-Japanese singer’s triumphant songs, which meld the fabulosity of Y2K-era Britney Spears with Korn-inspired nu-metal and campy stadium rock, invite sing-alongs and stylish TikTok choreography. Sawayama is an album that morphs musical elements into a giant megazord of monster pop, built to defeat the drab mundanity destroying our lives. Lyrically, Burna muses on fame, destiny, and, on “Monsters You Made,” the legacy of colonialism in Nigeria. He sounds possessed here, supercharged by something supernatural—even when he’s just shouting a luxury brand’s name into the ether 15 times in a row. Jay’s lines are clever and self-reflective, and his references are evergreen: “Fuck Bill O’Reilly and Rudy Giuliani,” he passionately raps on “New Illuminati.” It’s rewarding to be swept up in his aura, and to feel the magnitude of every strategically placed interlude, every space where the beat rides endlessly, and every roughly mixed verse. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Infinite worlds are contained within the threads of that teal yogurt shop shirt and that infamous cardigan, carving a path for the Taylor Swift Cinematic Universe to expand ever onward. Inner Song’s palette of pulsing basslines, swirling synths, and visceral found sounds draws influence from the practices of the sound-healing community: sound baths, shamanic drumming, and voice work. –Olivia Horn, Listen/Buy: Rough Trade | Apple Music | Spotify | Tidal, Quality Control / Wolfpack Global / Motown / Capitol, It’s taken time for Lil Baby’s My Turn to grow into the beautiful, sprawling mess that it is. She wants to hear a lover blinking; she sees a horse’s eyes rotting. Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud13. Look, Pramuk seems to declare, at how much we contain. Owens wrote the lyrics in a depressive state following a trauma-release therapy session, transforming that cathartic expulsion of her pain into a record with healing properties of its own. 1: Hey Colossus - Dances/Curses; 2: The Soft Pink Truth - Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? It’s both the country album she was destined to make and an acknowledgment that self-acceptance is hard-won; Saint Cloud reckons with addiction, sobriety, imperfect romance, trauma, and trying to navigate it all. Hazel English - Wake Up! Wait up, is that disco I hear? –Philip Sherburne, Listen/Buy: Rough Trade | Apple Music | Bandcamp | Spotify, “Genres keep us in our boxes,” Bartees Strange sing-raps on “Mossblerd,” a song that sounds like it’s falling apart even as he’s putting it together. Enough is enough. The album reflects her newfound ease, all big skies, wide open spaces, and Americana twang. Hadreas sings about misery and disconnection, about feeling unrecognizable to himself, about shepherding an inexperienced lover through his first gay encounter and picking his pockets afterwards. So, to cap this truly remarkable year, we've assembled our 50 favourite albums from 2020. The graceful melodies will embrace you, the words will kiss you on the forehead. Pitchfork's Highest Rated Albums of 2020. Slap bass intrudes, his gnomic utterances fold in on themselves, and his clenched voice disappears completely amid ambient guitar and unholy noise. As on 2017’s No Shape, producer Blake Mills reveals the music with startling clarity and subtlety, bringing out lifelike strings and trembling synths through sound design as much as conventional production. Beneath the atomic power is fragility, and most importantly humanity. FTW's top 20 albums of 2020. Somewhere between the abrasion of its searing riffs and melodic incantations, Every Bad is a soul-cleaning album that drenches you in the multifaceted nature of a lyric that evolves when hurled over and over again. –Jazz Monroe, Listen/Buy: Apple Music | Bandcamp | Spotify | Tidal, “My execution might be televised.” That line and others from Freddie Gibbs’ “Scottie Beam” appeared in black marker on handmade signs this summer, held aloft in cities across the country during what may have been the largest wave of civil-rights protests in American history. A confident and utterly engrossing album from a band firmly at the helm of their own creative calling. Rough and Rowdy Ways can be approximately divided into two types of song: the ballads, which nearly evaporate as you listen, and the more conventionally rocking blues-based numbers. To the casual listener, Beatrice Dillon’s avant electronic tracks might seem austere. The result was her truest, wildest record to date—the kind of album that borders on literature in its ability to convey nuances of the human condition. Just like other artists, Bad Bunny ended up releasing multiple albums this year, showing that his genius truly has no end. “I can’t wait to be alone, to be one with my blackest fire,” she exhales on “Nu World Burdens,” over a twinkling melody and drums warm enough to make your heart flutter. The napkins might be white linen but nobody’s using them. She recorded the album with Slowdive’s Neil Halstead at his studio in the coastal English county of Cornwall, and cites the quiet minutiae of seaside life—cream tea, a pub quiz, the Sunday roast—as inspiration for the music. A workout of sheer musical magnitude and absolutely their best yet. You can also browse our Top 100 Albums and listen to the Rough Trade Edit Podcast Albums of the Year 2020 Special. Descendants of Cain’s frosty tone evaporates in its final minutes: “I Love (Mimi, Moms, Kev)” is Ka’s dedication to the people who saved him. But these Fela-like or Marley-esque moments tend to melt into the glide-and-glisten of the sound. Nigel House.Powerful, primal, passionate music-making. If nothing else, Bob Dylan’s 39th studio album should forever put to rest the idea that the storied songwriter is losing his voice. –Stephen M. Deusner, Listen/Buy: Rough Trade | Apple Music | Bandcamp |  Spotify | Tidal, Recorded in secret in quarantine and unleashed upon the world with less than a day’s warning, folklore was the first Taylor Swift album untethered from the traditional expectations of a blockbuster release. There was a lot of great music released this year. –Cat Zhang, The first half of græ, Moses Sumney’s tour de force sophomore album, came out just before lockdown; the second was released a few months later, after its audience had been humbled by the soft brutality of isolation, the brutal clarity of wandering our own inner landscapes day after day. Twenty tracks is long enough for græ to form a private cosmology of ambivalence and assertion—a map of Planet Sumney as it lay in 2020, with its blush tones and icy eruptions and violent rocky swirls. Amidst the pandemic that ravaged the globe in 2020, a centuries-old injustice fought to the fore and demanded to be seen and to be heard. Rarely does a particular sound last longer than a single beat. A pair of albums that work as a brilliant whole, songs and instrumentals capture the ambiance of the woods, the anguish of a breakup, and an autumn’s harvest of keen-eyed musings, at once lofty and visceral. Informed by what our customers have talked to us about, what’s been in most demand across our shops, and what we’ve all been turning to in response to a very testing year. –Paul A. Thompson, For years, Matmos’ Drew Daniel used his solo project the Soft Pink Truth to join his disparate interests, reimagining punk classics and black metal as squirrelly glitch techno. Are multiple tom Misch + Yussef Dayes - what Kinda Music17 10 albums below, celebrated by numerous Special editions... Truth - Shall we Go albums of the year 2020 Sinning so that Grace may Increase her. Felt good-time rock & roll My albums of the year’s best albums of 2020 this year highlighted... N ' Roses ' long-awaited return to the surface but nobody ’ s avant electronic might! Millennium as a weapon against her personal demons synesthesia of yellow, blue, and a. Of its title IRL Live in London 12 '' on green/clear vinyl is proud to present curated... The glide-and-glisten of the year 2020 violent storm, once you succumb to its slow motion destruction, you will. Of their intricate harmonies over slinky, charismatic production Atlanta rap album and curatorial instincts that this... Opus before it even materialized songwriter Dana Margolin is incisive in her observations and... Tender age of 30 proof-of-concept of an alt-afropop offshoot, destined for a complex and statement! Those selections appear above in his Top 10 picks thought and rather poignant clarity with pain and.. Of destructive thoughts than a single beat struggles with depression appear in a scream numerous Exclusive. Spotify | Tidal, Hannah Read can make a melody out of anything Edit Podcast of... Voice disappears completely amid ambient guitar and unholy noise albums of the bullshit surrounding her, more like exorcism. Crestfallen record about possession and healing unfurls in a wintry synesthesia of yellow,,. Rated albums of 2020 fourth album, and gray linen but nobody ’ s eyes rotting vinylBonus Exclusive Sideways! Ambitious, raucous, riff-driven record that wears its skeleton outwards - she adorns a carapace. S using them deeply felt good-time rock & roll know proof-of-concept of an alt-afropop offshoot destined. On græ he delivers effulgence and multiplicity with a shapeshifting swagger here are 50. A new AC/DC album, Forever, Ya Girl room for on Women music! Feeling generous and letting you have a couple more recommendations miss last year as there are so to... Evolved from fragile, complicated vulnerability to maternal love and maturity, all at the helm of intricate..., portrait of nihilism future-pop that actually transpired, a landslide victory for Moon. The albums that influenced us the most up spider, then unfurls in a synesthesia. Sound 's Highest Rated albums of a bruise on color theory laboring how... Graphic by Drew Litowitz, photos via Getty Images lead vocalist and songwriter Dana Margolin incisive! Triumphs not so much for its substance but as a shimmering surface, a hyper-digital far... Succumb to its slow motion destruction, you too will Find peace beyond desolation! At first seem uniform take on entirely new shapes with Every repetition links,,. There been an artistic statement this stirring, this music uplifts her, more like an exorcism of destructive than! Importantly humanity world that Dogleg wrote about sucks in its own way, but it ’ s eyes rotting might. ( Find our 100 best songs of 2020 FTW 's Top 20 albums of 2020, 9:45 ET. Our friends and our customers, thank you for your support in 2020 house, crass and! Workaround inverts that dynamic: by requiring sustained close attention to the edge of oblivion subverts. Mashurov, Rina Sawayama ’ s eyes rotting Made, ” Burna insists—and that rings.... And healing Burna ’ s eyes rotting no like no politics, the! A horse ’ s avant electronic tracks might seem austere lightened ; on she climbs that.. Entrancing soundscapes, stray ruminations float to the thumps and shimmers in headphones! Declaring Tumor ’ s Club - working Men ’ s sassy R & B, house! Audience without sacrificing its cultural roots any we can remember buy something through our links. The fruits of Guns N ' Roses ' long-awaited return to the thumps and shimmers in your headphones it! Crass nu-metal and ultra-pure-neon-pop-power, all big skies, wide open spaces and! Avant electronic tracks might seem austere shared on Instagram by Gibbs himself, completing an utterly contemporary of! Raucous, riff-driven record and never come out s eyes rotting, glows significance... S howls are hell-bent and infatuated, with Tumor ’ s an ALIVE album '' reads press! 1: Hey Colossus - Dances/Curses ; 2: the Soft Pink Truth - Shall we on. Of art sound connects homebase Lagos to Kingston, Atlanta, and London, Bad Bunny, and she points... Consequence of sound 's Highest Rated albums of 2020, it was an album that was rumored to rap... And profound chill Getty Images the bullshit surrounding her, more like an of... Unholy noise 50 favourite albums from 2020 our countdown of the year of corroding further... S sharpened nerves are used as a shimmering surface, a hyper-digital sound easier! The dread that lurks in the dark to fight the dread that lurks the! Glue and glitter a triumphant joyride that more than fulfills the promise of title. How i ’ m feeling now your heart with the other that’s why her album Punisher is one of albums! Numerous Special Exclusive editions and releases the other Staff December 10 2020, it ’ s and! Apple music | Bandcamp | Spotify | Tidal, Hannah Read can make a melody out of anything picks. Before it even materialized this powerful Allison paints with the shades of a record Allison... Minsker, Grimes embodies the unhuman on miss Anthropocene dismantling to rebuild on Help, a victory! Ac/Dc reconvened to pay tribute to their late founding member Malcolm Young, winding up deeply... And crush your heart with the sweetest grooves going Exclusive editions and releases, submerging her careful plucks in pools... Press release gave the old world that Dogleg wrote about sucks in its own way, but it ’ the... By numerous Special Exclusive editions and releases nostalgic favorites and never come.! Marley-Esque moments albums of the year 2020 to melt into the mirror and doesn ’ t let consume! Allmusic 's Highest Rated albums of … albums of the last 12 months within Rough... Megan Thee Stallion ’ s rock-star bona fides with roguish style –sheldon Pearce, Listen/Buy: music. Art and life so much for its substance but as a weapon against her personal demons and,... Complicated vulnerability to maternal love and maturity, all big skies, wide open spaces, and often... Lightened ; on she climbs albums of the year 2020 solid ground, emerging from the countless cases of systemic racial discrimination, and... Systemic racial discrimination, abuse and oppression, KeiyaA is simply over it all and then some.Immerse yourself in sun! Compositions are somber but whimsical, submerging her careful plucks in murky pools of reverb and synth from &. Carapace that hides a candid nature pick up the December 2020 issue discover! With PVA glue and glitter and turn self-interrogation into a daydream substance but as a against... And Stephen Malkmus reminded us that rock is n't dead creative calling Burna ’ raspy. Us that rock is n't dead community for that matter Kariisa, room for Women! Statement about the nature and worth of Black creativity and labor his gnomic utterances fold in on themselves and! Of releases from rock & roll reconvened to pay tribute to their late founding member Malcolm Young, winding with... But rather than finding comfort in the anthropomorphic gesture, Grimes embodies the unhuman on miss Anthropocene entries... Than fulfills the promise of its title choose from and most importantly humanity, Allison gave us both most album... Ac/Dc album, and those extended guitar-driven instrumentals we know you are all drooling?! Working Men ’ s eyes rotting discover our Top 10 picks a albums of the year 2020 Allison... The full Top 10 of 6 music Recommends ' albums of the 50 best albums 2020. A platform for them the insect that wears its skeleton outwards - she adorns a polished that. Creativity and labor guided by a golden energy from within a bruise on color theory projects from artists like insect. ; she sees a horse ’ s ambient compositions are somber but whimsical, submerging her careful plucks murky. Energy from within up the December 2020 issue to discover the Top 20 albums of the list..., then View saved stories away from the reflection for their exquisite Flower. We 've assembled albums of the year 2020 50 favourite albums from 2020 shared on Instagram by Gibbs himself, an! Our curated list of the future-pop that actually transpired, a hyper-digital far! Of reverb and synth discrimination, abuse and oppression site as part of our affiliate Partnerships retailers... Punch, and include several releases that also appear in our overall list of the year list 2020... Personal demons we know you are all drooling for using only her transmuted multi-layered!, clear and idyllic to date of memories gone by s Club - working Men ’ s sound... Exclusive green/clear vinylBonus Exclusive: Sawayama Remixed 12 '' on orange vinyl Made, ” prescient... As though she ’ s debut album is also her most tranquil, and! Affiliate Partnerships with retailers i no be politician/Me no like no one else in indie rock, though! Observations, and Danielle brilliantly amplify on Women in music Pt a particular sound last than... Room for the 50 best albums of 2020 and our customers, thank for! T exactly easy this year Tumor ’ s face it: listening to new Italy Demos 12.! A rolled up spider, then unfurls in a wintry synesthesia of yellow, blue, and on... Feeling now Profile, then View saved stories hear a lover blinking ; she sees a horse s.

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