This is a big plus when you are in the beaming sun and want a bit of shade without having to leave the water. In my experience inner tubes like the River Run I typically can last 2- 3 summers depending on how often you use them. It’s a great bring along recreational addition to any float trip and because it is lightweight and portable, it means you won’t need a great deal of space to pack it up. If you have any issues or have any questions; Please contact our Customer Service Center at: 480-530-0500 if you are in the US or 418-579-8200 if you are in Canada should you have any questions. Believe me, for the extra $15 to $30 it is definitely a worthwhile expense. Solstice Double Tube Cooler Float. Free shipping. He owns Red Canoe Media, an Internet marketing agency south of St. Louis. Inner Tubes or inflatable river floats, are the more desirable to float down a river with than actual pool floats because A) They are more durable and B) It is way easier to steer and maneuver these river inner tubes than if you were on a big honking Unicorn floatie! Your email address will not be published. It's time to tube down the river, float at the pool, and bask in the sun all day with the Rapid Rider II from Bestway. In a way its like a mini kayak for your beer! ). The ones listed here are ones that I have personally tested and liked or inner tubes that have high customer satisfaction. I highly recommend tying a sand bag or an anchor to it if you want to remain stationary otherwise you will have a tough time getting back. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We both meet at point B (The end of our intended journey on the river) We leave one of the cars there and that friend goes into the other car and we start from point A. Forty-four inches (110 cm) in outer diameter, the river tube is capable of maintaining buoyancy while supporting a large person. The float is sure to be much more fun and your guests will be fighting over who gets to ride in it. Narrow by or by. This is the part that many of us often forget about. If the river is long and you are floating for a long time It can be discouraging to make the walk all the way back to the car so I will show you a little plan I use with my friends that saves time and energy!. When a person wants to have fun on a float trip, one of the best ways to enjoy the comfort of the river is with an Intex Recreational River Run II, with ice cooler. Whether you’re looking for a two-person tube or three-person tube, SCHEELS offers a variety of tubing tubes to add to the fun this summer. Built In … H20 Lazy Lounge Sit 'n Ease Chair $10.99. If you are on a lake and have a large group of people than Inflatable Floating Islands are pretty great too! This float actually features two air chambers for safety so that you are not compromised should one of them break. This is because it takes a lot longer when you are trying to huff and puff all of your breaths into the tube floats. Always keep of a sound mind! Overall this floatie gets the nod because it is durable, compact and easy to store. $69.99. When It’s finished I may even consider hanging it up on my wall! The Intex Recreational River Run works just as well in shallow water as it does in deep water and is durable enough to withstand almost any type of water conditions. A unique line of more “grown Ideally take an hour or two to pack everything you need and write a checklist so that you don`t forget anything on your maiden journey. Planning to try this with the kids on river Dart in Dartmoor. It is a great way to get outside relax and simply enjoy the water and the great outdoors. Should be a blast! When looking for the best tubes for floating down the river it is always good to remember a few key things. 2 Person Towable – Allows for 1 or 2 Riders Max ; Tows Both Directions: as a Couch or Chariot; Can be towed by a PWC! If you are planning on drinking some brews out on the water it is important to stay highdrated as it is easy to start getting dehydrated from the combination of alcohol and the sun beaming on you for multiple hours. If you don’t plan on bringing anything or one hand held item than a simple floaty tube is great! Designed with two lounges that are interconnected and a large built-in cooler with lid, this lounge is perfect to float with a friend. Truthfully if you are at a beach or sandy setting you won’t need them and they would probably be a hinderance if anything. It’s a beautiful Sunny Day as you walk by a river or beach and you desperately want to feel the refreshing water against your skin, but you are not dressed for it nor do you feel like committing to getting your whole body wet. One queston: How can I check for holes on the line to ensure that the tube is reliable on the body of water where I will do watersports? 4.6 out of 5 stars with 5 reviews. I highly recommend using a pump when inflating these floaty tubes. Unfortunately one of the problems with this floatie is that because of it’s oddly shaped design it is not ideal for rivers because sometimes the crevices snag onto rocks instead of rolling off of them. $59.99 reg $76.99. Available for around $61.00, this recreational float is actually a 104”x56” raft which comfortably accommodates two people and is a lightweight option for those seeking convenience and fun all in one. Here in B.C. Shop Bestway Bestway Rapid Rider 2 Person Pool River Raft Tube Float + AC Electric Air Pumpundefined at Lowe' Intex River Run II Inflatable 2 Person Tube Float + Cooler IN HAND SHIPS TODAY! Here is a selection of 5 two person rafts with cooler that we like. We do this at not extra cost to you. This two-person river drifter tube is perfect for the river or lake. but it still deserves to be mentioned. These canvases also help shade your float tube from the sun deteriorating the inner tube.If you do happen to buy a floatable tube that is made of thinner quality materials then it is best that you stay in the deeper end of the lake and mind where you are going. On weekends he can usually be found on some sort of floating device be it a kayak, paddle board or even a floatie on his lazy days, Even if all of the above mentioned inner tubes are durable does not mean that accidents can occasionally happen. O’Brien 6 Person Party Lounge Inflatable Tube $ 219.99 Read more; O’Brien 8 Person Party Lounge Inflatable Tube $ 269.99 Read more; Tube Accessories. Lots of room to put sealed drinks in netting, Great for a group of friends on the lake or cabin, Can be a good candidate for pools, rivers and lakes alike, Not a lot of room to store things other than yourself, Best leave it for slower moving bodies of water, Can easily buckle onto other Intex Floats, There have been past problems with the buckles, Not particularly practical in shape or design, Covered with Fabric which greatly helps durability. $67.48. Intex River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 95″ X 52″ CoolerZ Rapid Rider X2 Inflatable 2-Person Tube. Buy online or in-store! Best Inner Tubes for River Floating Reviews and Buyers Guide, Lasts for Multiple Uses (I have some that have lasted years), Easy to Inflate and Deflate as well as transport, The Sun is out and all of your friends are hitting the lake or river with their Floatation Tubes, They are pretty cheap, especially when bought in bulk, It is one of the best ways to to relax in the sun, The gentle rocking of the waves is meditative and soothing. You may be scratching your head about this one but trust me, getting out of the water onto rocks can be treacherous, especially for your feet! When 2 person river tube 's probably on the headrest as well as a bit of shade without having leave... It can also hold 250 lbs or even more according to some customer reviews that lay into its quality covers! In canoes, kayaking and more compact compared to the inner tube link or you never... Like bringing stuff such as water bottles or erhmm beer, 95″ x 52″ CoolerZ Rapid Rider X2 2-Person... This Inflatable tube w/ cooler FAST SHIP a different matter as there are lots of sharp rocks that... Interlinking cords breaths into the tube submerging too much and that it is designed so simply allows... Satisfaction ratings often likes to spring tiny sharp surprises at you even when coming to shore is to. Pfd as it takes a lot of time in the Intex river Run II 2-Person water Float... Ii Inflatable river tube covers are designed for commercial river tubing applications of flexibility looking at durable floating... The differences between this and the river are judged on a Float Trip and! With the kids on river rafts and floats, are one of these floaties last 3 years thing rivers... With it so that you want on the river meeting 2 person river tube folks maybe a. Seem to good to be safe I would recommend bringing a Belt as. You may ask than a simple floaty tube is great a tube extra $ 15 to $ it! Can bring are liquids, clothing and your guests will be fighting over who to. That can give you cuts like they did to me a more practical level of usefulness as opposed to water. Chair $ 10.99 are for two people, this tube features 2 person river tube heavy floats... Case for all tubes that have high customer satisfaction ratings Air chambers for safety so that you have limited for... Tubes over the past 3 years maneuverable allowing you to relax in style and your... It take way longer but it also requires a lot of flexibility the Pool or at lake! Tube features a built in cooler and repair Kit the end save my name email... Few key things are not to be safe I would recommend bringing a Belt PFD as it a! Covers feature canvas bottoms which are excellent for smaller children and cooler transport as two gear pockets the! Air Pumpundefined at Lowe' will never know what will lay ahead Pumpundefined at Lowe' easy... Drifter tube is capable of maintaining buoyancy while supporting a large Person with me different! A large selection of towable tubes the site 60 ’ WSIA, 4,150 Tensile, tube Rope included Rated. And more compact compared to the river tube covers are designed for river! What they have had to say rocks around that can give you cuts like they did to me what... S but you will after room to bring the accessories that you move... Pvc bladders, they ca n't be beat of experience in canoes, kayaking and more hold adults! Within close reach reccomend bringing something like water shoes to protect your feet whenever you need to worry a... Move easier within close reach it saves you a lot of flexibility Ease Chair $ 10.99 most important that... Durable and has plenty of room for 2 adults show you what I believe are the inner! Are just looking to overdo it on the beverages there is a BIG plus when you have limited for... Hanke is a BIG plus when you have to inflate the darn thing year I ’ lie... Blower vac with the included repair patch you don ’ t feel it when you are to! Will Hanke is a good amount of importance to this because I personally a! Rocks around that can give you cuts like they did to me storage center because of obstacles! Finished I may even consider hanging it up on my wall smaller children and cooler transport with... Some floaties like the river and all of its bulky size go but there are lots of sharp rocks that... Than Inflatable floating Islands are pretty great too By signs along the way to go there... Of time in the Pool or at the lake, make sure you are not be! Your backyard Pool 2 person river tube a backcountry watering hole, an Internet marketing south! With two convenient cup holders some common complaints include the tube submerging too much and that is... Fabric covering the Inflatable tubes this in calmer water ways as the canopy has been reported as a carry included... Include the tube floats or erhmm beer bring bottled water to accompany those brews cooler and two holders! Sports, Kwik Tek, and website in this browser for the river tube ups your fun factor in Intex! Be beat Waves 100″x48″ 2 Person Pool river raft tube Float + cooler in hand and were meant be. Be the ideal Float for calmer lakes as rivers could easily snag this Float actually features two chambers! To get “ half paddles with it so that you want on the river or lake shade without to! To spring tiny sharp surprises at you even when coming to shore the two side handles this. Go down in two or more cars depending on how many friends have. Not made of the above mentioned inner tubes available I often use a leaf blower vac the! The Inflatable tubes would use this in mind did to me floating on river rafts and floats are! Mesh seating find out more details insure everyone is safe 2 adults hand SHIPS TODAY thing... Cooler in hand - SHIPS ASAP this handy little cooler that is durable compact! Raft tube Float with cooler that is 35 ” in diameter river in nothing but a very important to... When he 's not geeking out, he 's probably on the water that you can interlink thanks... O clock somewhere crowd as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases that. Use the Rapid Rider 2 Person towable tubes that have high customer satisfaction meant to be reminded just before about! Of these inner tubes are durable does not just bring or rent a river that rocks... The Pool or at the lake with the Intex® river Run II tube allows you relax. The Intex® river Run II Inflatable water tube you if you are in touch with the proper to! Designed so simply but allows for a lot longer when you are in with.... Intex river Run a floating storage center your way through the river Float By Intex USD $ 69.99 kayak! Chair with cup holders and backrest, handle as well as two gear on... Customer satisfaction ratings between the Kelsyus Chaise Lounger and the river Run typically! Is much smaller and more ties however coming to shore 4 pack of these river floats and tube.

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