When I opened it this morning I noticed a “unusual smell” not like spoiled but just a faint odd smell. Pork in the vacuum package sometimes has an odor that should disappear after rinsing the pork in cold water. The sulfur smell that goes away quickly is … I opened a couple racks of ribs a couple weeks back that had a strong sulfur smell. The smell should dissipate and after a quick rinse, the pork itself shouldn't really smell much at all. I often let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and the smell will go away. I'm going to smoke a pork shoulder tomorrow and got a 9lber from Rouses yesterday. Thereof, why does pork sometimes smell bad? The "sell thru" date was 1/13/15. There are two categories of bacteria that can live on pork: one that makes meat look and smell bad, and one that makes you sick. How to Sear Ahi Tuna on a Gas Barbecue. The odors may smell like sulfur or ammonia. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. If it was vacuum packed, it might have an odor from the process of packaging it, but that should go away after rinsing it under cold water. Scientists found that there's a gene responsible for how a compound in pork smells to humans. As I was removing the pork skin, I smelled the area where the leg was cut off from it and noticed a very slight scent of manure or something like it. I had a shoulder from publix once that was in the refrigerator for 5 days and when I opened it the smell hit the gag reflex, that shoulder got double bagged and put in the outside garbage. However, like thirdeye pointed out, if the smell was strong then maybe you have an alternate issue. Ammonia or sulfur smell is a common odor when food is contaminated with bacteria. Pork should have a pink or white color when fresh; any … I threw them out and after looking back was glad I did. Wash it off, let it sit for a few minutes, if the smell dissapates, it is cryovac funk. That portion has a large bone and was bloodier than the rest of the piece. I have always noticed that smell from my costco pork but never had a problem with it being bad. I had to take a second, and then a third sniff, I thought 'I must be going crazy, what exactly does pork smell like again?' The sulfur smell is almost always from the cryovac. If the pork has ammonia, rotten egg, or sulfur-like smell, chances are it has been contaminated by bacteria and shouldn’t be eaten. Please try googleing uncooked cured pork shoulder and you will be able to find a recipe. How to Tell When Oyster Mushrooms Go Bad. That sour smell … If it doesn't then it is bad. On edit: usually, but, not always, bad pork has a sulphur smell, but, it also has a sour smell too. At first I was going to toss it but convinced myself it was just raw meat smell. This is the natural result of amino acids in the meat breaking down and getting trapped in the vacuum packaging. Even after all that I could justify cooking them, rotten is rotten. Check the Color . If the steaks feel sticky to the touch or slimy, they need to be discarded. Related LeafTv Articles. It is a different smell from spoilage. So I asked my wife to take a whiff and she gags instantly, I'm talking a real, real, tainted smell, like my pork forgot to wash it's socks for a week. Avoiding foul-smelling meat like the plague might be our knee-jerk reaction to the threat of foodborne illness, but the truth about spoiled meat might surprise you. Fresh pork does have an unpleasant smell, but that isn’t very strong. Some breakdown is good, it tenderizes the meat and enhances the flavor. 2. Pork that has been cryovaced can definitely develop a funky, sulfur smell. Feel the steaks with your fingers. I read the forums. It smells like a sewer line burst inside my pork! My mother always uses a can of lemon lime soda and a can of pineapple in large deep roasting pan covered with foil oh and whole cloves poked in the ham every few inches approximately 15 cloves. It was cryovac wrapped and had 3 weeks left till date. Not any more or less offensive of a smell, but a different one. Signs of Bad Shrimp. It didn't smell anything like the costco pork. Bought a large bone in pork butt yesterday to cook today. Pork shoulder smells like rotten eggs.
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