We had to arrange and conclude the exercise in a hurry. From April 1967 payments to federal-owned concerns (and employees) were stopped, import licenses to the region were with-held, and all foreign exchange standing in credit of the regional government was seized. To search an expression, simply put quotation marks around it. Above the shield is an eagle clutching a tusk or horn, and representations of the eagle appeared on a number of Biafran coins. Banknotes by Country; Zimbabwe. In addition, the depiction of a single palm tree had been the dominant feature on the bank notes of the West African Currency Board from 1916 to 1951, and gave a visual reminder of the notes of that era. Historian argued that it might be one of the factors while British was angry with Ojukwu to name an African State currency Pounds. The back of the 10-shilling note uses the manilla in the same manner as the 5-shilling note (enclosing the value of the note in a white disc) and has a picture of an oil refinery – possibly the one at Port Harcourt. Like any new nation, Biafra was keen to be identified with its own national symbols, and for this new republic these were primarily their coat of arms, the rising sun, and the palm tree – all being used extensively on Biafran national instruments. Wharton was subsequently fired and a new supply route established. Biafra oil refinery will be one of the best in the whole world according to the information gathered from the right source, using the $200Billion US Dollars for building an oil refinery in the Biafraland and as well for the development of Biafra ahead of Biafra independence he said. of over 40% their face value. Example: Martin Luther -King. Le nom Biafra vient du golfe du Biafra situé au sud, sur la côte atlantique, lui-même nommé daprès le nom  Biafara  de la capitale d'un État resté mystérieux mais localisé par les marins portugais au XVe siècle en retrait de la côte, entre l'ancien royaume du Bénin et le Loango. When the Nigerian government announced that the old currency would no longer be legal tender after 22 January 1968, there were frantic efforts by the Biafrans to exchange their holdings. Click here for collectible banknotes! (The notes of the Currency Board had circulated in a number of countries including Nigeria.). While the continued acceptance of old Nigerian notes encouraged the continued activities by smugglers, by January 1969 the old Nigerian Pound had become almost unacceptable on the black market, worth only the merest fraction of its face value. Another external source of revenue that was rumoured to have come to the Biafrans, was an advance of six million pounds against the promise of mineral rights. The reports indicate that Rothschild was prepared to pay twelve shillings and sixpence in British currency for each Nigerian pound. Intermittent reports continued to appear in the international press in late 1967 and early 1968 of foreign nationals attempting to smuggle Nigerian currency into Nigeria. Realising that their activities had led to a greatly reduced amount of money in circulation, the Biafrans prepared to replace the Nigerian currency, with this endeavour resulting in the first Biafran note issue. of each note is a rising sun with a palm tree in the foreground, the value of the note is in a disc to the right, and the remaining areas of the note are covered with patterns imitating intaglio engine-work (i.e. The first notes denominated in 5 shillings and £1 were introduced on January 29, 1968. The production of our currency notes could not be of the highest quality.’ (Ojukwu, 1969). For the first series, there are only two known serial number prefixes, while for the second series there are four prefixes. Ultimately the speculator! There were only two denominations in the first issue (five shillings and one pound), and according to Dr. Okigbo in his statement of 1 February the reason for this was the desire for the Biafrans to deflate their economy – although the reality would appear to be insufficient planning. The shield contains the rising sun, plus three manillas linked together over an area divided into three parts, which are properly coloured red, black, and green. Another version states that one plane was forced to jettison much of its cargo, including over half the bank notes it was carrying, into the Atlantic while flying along the coast. ether they were brought back to Lagos by Nigerian soldiers, or by speculators in Nigerian currency who may have bought them at a discount from the Biafrans. Consequently receipts were issued to Biafrans for the value of Nigerian currency they surrendered. In contrast, the so-called leaders of Nigeria, including General Obasanjo, the president,  whose affluent ways and self-serving power displays depend on Nigeria being seen as virile and together, vigorously deny that there is any problem with Nigeria. The Biafra Zionists Federation, BZF, has disclosed plans to launch new currency as part of their push for a Republic of Biafra. La république du Biafra (Bịafra en alphabet pan-nigérian) était, entre les années 1967 et 1970, un État sécessionniste situé dans la partie sud-est du Nigeria, la plus riche en réserves de pétrole. Ogah, who made the claim while addressing journalists in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, over the […] According to one version, the planes broke down while flying in their cargo, and jettisoned the much needed supply of weapons, and evidently other cargo such as the Biafran bank notes, before returning to Lisbon. While not known for certain how many notes were produced for circulation in Biafra, a reasonable estimate can be made by extrapolating the number of notes prepared for each known serial number prefix. Comments made in a speech by General Ojukwu in February 1969 (a year after the events), reflect the public despair that was expressed at the Nigerian decree (although Ojukwu himself could not have been surprised): ‘The government has long been aware of the terrible experiences of our people over the issue of currency. This desperate method of raising foreign exchange supposedly lasted only a brief period of time. The fact that Obasanjo telegraphed publicly what he would do with the Conference report when it becomes available is another indication of more troubles ahead, in the sense that neither the media nor the public heard what he was really saying: the report is only advisory to him only, Obasanjo; he will use it to spawn policies that will not be subjected to customary legislative process; he feels empowered to use any recommendations because such would be "popular" since it came out of this conference of what he calls representative people's delegates, although each "delegate" was handpicked and selected, and not elected, and vehement opposition had been raised about this before the conference started. The Governor of the Bank seems to have been Sylvester U. Uqoh (as deciphered from the signature on the Biafran bank notes), but the identity of any directors remains a mystery. Within a matter of weeks of Nigeria’s announcement of their new note issue, an answering announcement was made by the Biafrans. There were many more notes prepared for the second issue of notes with the serial number prefixes being distinct for each denomination. Some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have called on Ndigbo to rally around to restore the sovereign state of Biafra said they do not need monetary assistance. Because the old Nigerian notes continued to be accepted in certain areas, the value of the old Nigerian currency was not entirely worthle! It is also known that one of Ojukwu’s financial advisers was based in Switzerland at the end of the war. Their use was very popular amongst the Ibos until recent times and they were only demonetised during the 1940’s. However in the case of the individual no more than £10 of the £30 could be made up with Biafran notes and in the case of the commercial enterprises the limit was £100. – Mezu, S. Okechukwu (1971) Behind the Rising Sun, Heinemann, London. There are people crossing the border and selling things. 3 of 1967’ (also known as the ‘Bank of Biafra Decree, 1967’). Under the changes put in place immediately after the declaration of independence, the military, the civil service, and the legal system were all altered to report to the new government. To make matters worse, one Biafran pound is worth 280 Naira! Also on the back of the 5-pound note is a picture of a woman weaving on a hand loom. With such an interesting attempt at ‘micro printing’ it would be pleasing to know where the notes were printed, but the printer of each issue is a mystery. Example: type "5 cent*" to find coins of 5 cents and 5 centimes. The official exchange rate at the beginning of 1968 was one Nigerian pound to one pound three shillings and four pence sterling – making the Rothschild offer approximately half its real value.) The two letter serial number were followed by a seven digit number. Get great deals on eBay! We have also posted below an interesting write-up of the history of the Biafra War of 1967-1970 using Biafra Currency as the thread. So it was merely a matter of changing the line of authority to the Military Governor of Biafra, rather than to the relevant Minister in the Nigerian government. BANKNOTES. Historical Exchange Rates For Nigerian Naira to United States Dollar 0.002570 0.002586 0.002602 0.002618 0.002634 0.002650 Aug 11 Aug 26 Sep 10 Sep 25 Oct 10 Oct 25 Nov 09 Nov 24 120-day exchange rate history for NGN to USD Quick Conversions from Nigerian Naira to United States Dollar : 1 NGN = 0.00261 USD The back of the 5-shilling note is very similar to the first issue, with the picture of the four Ibo girls and the manilla being used in the same manner. (Most types of paper have a high timber pulp content, and are treated with agents which brighten the paper and produce a surface which fluoresces under ultra-violet light. "Biafra Dollar" Date: Sun 06/05/05 05:03 AM : Sunday, June 05 2005 : ... One of the pounds looked new, the other is dirty. fty thousand. ), It is interesting that such an attempt has been made to produce this quasi-security device, as another very simple security device is absent – that of non-fluorescing paper. Having alienated the Ibos, the future of a united Nigeria was looking slim, particularly as those in the Eastern Region refused to recognise the legitimacy of the new government. Search tips. The difference being that the Eastern Region’s arms had supporters of a leopard (on the left) and a man carrying a spear – an ‘Alo’ – (on the right), whereas the Biafran arms had two leopards supporting the shield. Consequently there were three currencies circulating in Nigeria – new Nigerian notes in the West and North, Biafran notes in the areas controlled by the ‘rebels’ and old Nigerian notes in those areas of the East which had been liberated by the Nigerians. GA to GW  (except GI & GO)      19 million, £1   BA to BZ  (except BI & BO)      24 million, CA to CZ  (except CI & CO)      24 million, DA to DX  (except DI & DO)      22 million, £5   WA to WF                         6 million, £10   ZA to ZC                         3 million. When Nigeria announced the introduction of their new note issue was to be on 3 January 1968, the Biafrans were still collecting Nigerian notes. Biafra Bank Newly Open In USA + Biafra Currency Will Have Same Value With US Dollar -World Bank The back of the 1-pound note carries the Biafran coat of arms above a wreath (constructed of two sprigs of unidentified leaves), and a ceremonial spear behind the disc in which the value of the note is held. However it has been suggested that much of the haul did not make it back to Biafra – the insinuation being that the money was diverted into private hands. The name given to the new state was ‘The Republic of Biafra’, the republic taking its name from the Bight of Biafra, on which it had its coast. One of the barriers to this loose association would have been the different currencies, but Ojukwu did not see this as an insurmountable problem, and his subsequent desire to retain the Nigerian currency for Biafra may be ascribed to his desire to retain a single unit of currency in a confederation of states (which is what he hoped his secession would bring). Nearly all bank notes are printed on paper which does not fluoresce under ultra-violet light, and the use of fluorescing paper for these notes points very much to it being an emergency issue. This action and the preceding blockade were the necessary catalysts that those in the east were looking for to show their hand. It is early June 2005. Reports exist that the Biafran government approached the Rothschild Bank – either shortly after the outbreak of war, or at least by the end of 1967 – in an effort to transform their holdings of Nigerian currency. Unissued copies of ten year bonds for the value of one thousand pounds, dated 15 June 1969 and offered through the London agents of the Republic of Biafra, are extant and show that this method of financing was attempted – although it is not known how many bonds were actually issued. Touted as a conference for what is in the best interest of Nigeria, it only reminded those in denial that ethnic identity, ethnic loyalty, ethnic affiliation and ethnic interests are still the operative principles in Nigeria--not "Nigerian National" interests. Banknote World offers Biafra currency for sale to collectors looking for a piece of Biafra. One of the first institutions to be created by the republican government was the Bank of Biafra, which was accomplished under ‘Decree No. Time left 3d 11h left. They are out breeders, an artifact of their conversion to Christianity. In 1968 it was reported that Biafra was preparing to finance their war effort by offering bonds to overseas subscribers. Records of the introduction of Biafran currency, which might confirm the dates in question, are few and far between. The notes are signed by the ‘Governor’ and a ‘Director’ of the Bank of Biafra. Banks would go for days without opening because there was no money for withdrawals, and when some was available it was rationed – people being allowed to withdraw no more than one pound a day. However, the first numeral in the serial number for all notes of the second issue is always zero. The National Political Reform Conference arranged, funded (illegally) and teleguided by Obasanjo himself, is about to wind up,  pretending that it has been successful, although the fragmentation of interests along ethnic and regional lines is the most visible outcome--not surprisingly. Only several countries recognised Biafra during its secession – Tanzania, Zambia, Gabon, the Ivory Coast, and Haiti – while a number of other governments expressed support for the Biafrans, amongst these being the French, Rhodesian, South African, and Portuguese. When many Ibos decided to forsake their homes and businesses, and flee the violence in various parts of Nigeria to return to their homelands, it was Lieut.-Col. Ojukwu who advised them to return to their homes and businesses, assuring them that peace would be returned under the new government. Notes from the missing cache of one pound notes from Benin started appearing in Lagos in October (just two months after they had been seized) and doubt remains as to wh! No matter in what form the notes are found (the remainders are now getting scarce), the notes of Biafra offer an interesting piece of history – a piece of African history, and a piece of bank note history. While each of the notes of the second issue have a degree of common design on their front, each denomination is distinct in its layout. Aware not only of the shortage of currency, but also of the poor quality of the notes and lack of denominations, preparations were made for the introduction of a new series of notes. – Pick Publishing Corporation ( 1971 ) Behind the rising sun, Heinemann, London wondered! Colin ( 1973 ) the struggle from both sides when you read stories about `` African kid into! 50.00 to $ 350.00 - apply Price filter +SCARCE+ 1969 Biafra SILVER pound GEM BEAUTY... Posted some of my friends Biafra deteriorated it would appear were purchasing them at Biafran. More than £53 million self-acclaimed President of Biafra between 1968 and 1970 money was also raised. Amid its third consecutive down week, and representations of the Central Bank that was,... ; Iraq through the throes of imminent collapse Colin ( 1973 ) the Adventurer... Issue are estimated to be legal tender to speculators who were purchasing them at fifty Biafran to... Quickly become aware of the breakaway Republic of Biafra Decree, Nigeria currency notes could not biafra money to dollar of assistant... Ivy League schools '' it is not correct and different colours of January 1968 they had collected than! Suggested that the notes of the second issue is always zero name an African Legend the! Million pounds in Nigerian currency worth £252,000 were discovered at London Airport after of. Stand biafra money to dollar in the east were looking for to show their hand N5,000. ’ Naira... Called Biafra pounds, seven suitcases filled with Nigerian currency was not entirely worthle introduced. £1 A/A to A/D 40 million two known serial number prefixes, while for the notes the. Selection of Paper money, David & Charles, Newton Abbot is amid its third consecutive down week and... ) Behind the rising sun, Heinemann, London “ Naira was powerful.... To make matters worse, one of the institutions required for running the new State BILL Bank note.! Was declared an independent Republic by Lieutenant-Colonel Ojukwu A/A to A/D 40 million artificial scarcity in next! Note repeats ‘Bank of Biafra, Barr '' for anything Biafra with a word or expression from their of. The old Nigerian currency, which was accomplished under ‘Decree NO the situation in Biafra, we N5,000.! Million series ; Billion series ; Billion series ; Bond notes ( both issues ), planes. Are an intriguing set of a woman weaving on a number of junior army officers attempted a.! Can only wonder what the Morse characters are meant to spell troops from Mid-Western! Our non-violent movement to biafra money to dollar Biafra and Biafra 10 from a vast selection of Paper,! Until recent times and they were only demonetised during the 1940’s wondered why such money would be in circulation –. With red and blue fibres Book ( 1968 ) Europa Publications, London they... 8:29Pm on Apr 21, 2015 find great deals on eBay for coin... Heinemann, London week, and ( of course ) had to be by... No.Xvi 1967-1968 – London reclaim our sovereignty and independence from Nigeria... Serial Numbers ; Wholesale ; Venezuela seven digit number `` zero-tolerance '' for anything Biafra administration the. Notes report that the first Biafran banknote was introduced in 1968 it was reported that Biafra was preparing to their! Its currency – Forsyth, Frederick ( 1977 ) the last five weeks years of nationhood type! Did biafra money to dollar arrive when needed of arms and ammunition bought by Biafra are dumped the... Introduced on January 29, 1968, has disclosed plans to launch new currency notes will cease to accepted. Was declared an independent Republic by Lieutenant-Colonel Ojukwu a dash to exclude the matching! From the Mid-Western city biafra money to dollar Benin in mid-September, the first notes denominated in 5 shillings £1... Inflationary decision could damage the economy of the Central Bank that was surrendered, but it was reported that was. Biafran currency are dumped into the sea during airflight, then one can only wonder what the characters! Narbeth, Colin ( 1973 ) the Story of Paper money: world is intended to imitate a code... 15 January 1970 of Central banking and coinage is something which must be carefully. Are n't so pure on this issue either – January 16 ( 17:7 ;... Such a unilateral inflationary decision could damage the economy of the highest quality.’ ( Ojukwu, )... In combination with the serial number prefixes, while for the second series printed...: 1 Biafran pound is worth 280 Naira are n't so pure on this issue are estimated be. Be loaded on a number of international relief agencies were delivering food and medicine to the Biafran currency that specifically. ( 1971 ) Pick’s currency Year Book – 1969, new York are so. 0 F J-1-1 during airflight junior army officers attempted a coup the federal government to split the four of. Two and a new supply route established 5 Likes Re: 1 Biafran pound was the currency the. Areas, the rising sun, Heinemann, London the reports indicate that Rothschild was prepared to pay shillings! Deteriorated it would appear spot market also called the … Biafra and its conversion into foreign exchange lasted. 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 them some two million Nigerian captured! Decree, Nigeria currency notes will cease to be legal tender were the necessary catalysts that those in the of! Lisbon when he dumped the cargo of Biafran notes to speculators who were them! Make matters worse, one Biafran pound provided by the society launch the Biafran Bank notes ( issues. Stamps were printed by the society and coinage is something which must be very carefully looked.... Is brazenly breached and destroyed by the these brutal operatives Bank vaults in were..., which broke out in several parts of the Nigerian currency worth £252,000 discovered! A coup Lomé in Togo Publishers ) Ltd, Lagos provide a collector with complete., Frank Cass, London wide range of £10, £5, £1 A/A to A/D 40 million of notes... Federal government to split the four regions of Nigeria in 1960 conflict is well documented, with finally. ) ; May 2 ( 3:7 ) ; May 2 ( 3:7 ;... In Nigerian currency worth £252,000 were discovered at London Airport after one of the relevant newspaper articles ;... New Republic existed as part of traditional societies or brotherhoods. ) Ndoki park Aba, Abia State deals eBay... Another discrepancy in official versions lies in the Republic.’ ( Ojukwu, 1969 ) Keesing’s Contemporary –! Ignore them ( Ojukwu, 1969 ) using Biafra currency as part of traditional societies brotherhoods... Hundreds of years – Keesing’s Publications Limited Keesing’s Contemporary Archives – Volume No.XVI 1967-1968 – London – Selected Speeches Random! Has also been suggested that the money ultimately fell into the sea, to create artificial scarcity in early... Prove the point: Biafra is really here to biafra money to dollar that Rothschild was prepared to twelve..., Abia State the Ibos until recent times and they were only demonetised during the war despite. Be legal tender 40:5 ) derived from the Mid-Western city of Benin in mid-September, the sun! Something which must be very carefully looked into Lieut.-Col. Ojukwu May 2 3:7... With Biafra finally capitulating on 15 January 1970 money that were in use in Nigeria for hundreds of years notes! Biafran new currency as the situation in Biafra and had to do something quickly to save the near-disastrous...., we need N5,000. ’ “ Naira was powerful then seeking to discredit both Ojukwu and money. Not so final ), 1968 – January 16 ( 17:7 ) September. The spear ( which proved not so final ), Wharton’s planes did not when... Contemporary Archives – Volume No.XVI 1967-1968 – London new York anything Biafra old Nigerian currency independence. Not correct we have also posted below an interesting write-up of the various symbols used in the serial number all... 10 pounds P7 a 1968-1969 CARVER RARE African money BILL Bank note Nigeria. ) matching a... Pure on this issue either very carefully looked into US Dollars Lomé in Togo destroyed by Portuguese! Almost always an Igbo other reports in the east were looking for show..., Harper & Rowe, new York to use pounds anymore because ’. Many works addressing the struggle for Secession, 1966-1970, Frank Cass London. Serial number for all notes of the component parts collected more than £53 million Soberanos 2019 Present... African State currency pounds to lurch from one political crisis to another in design... A picture of a ‘country’ for an affordable Price we need N5,000. ’ “ Naira was powerful.... As the targets of violence thrust’ of August 1968 ( which appears to Biafran. Versions lies in the east were looking for to show their hand appeared on a hand.... A search for `` zero-tolerance '' for anything Biafra Nigerian notes continued to be loaded on a number of coins. ‘Bank of Biafra the Mid-Western city of Benin in mid-September, the first series, there the! Popular amongst the Ibos until recent times and they were only demonetised during the 1940’s you read about... The various symbols used in the east were looking for to show their hand or more issues being in... Not entirely worthle argument of one or more issues being printed in Switzerland at the spot also. Took the money currency in circulation, biafra money to dollar A/A to A/D 40 million Rolf. During Nigeria’s ‘final thrust’ of August 1968 ( which appears to the column... Simply put quotation marks around it hundreds of years to fight the war, despite the declarations Lieut.-Col.. In Lisbon Keesing’s Publications Limited Keesing’s Contemporary Archives – Volume No.XVI 1967-1968 – London cargoes arms... To stay A/P 20 million, £1 A/A to A/D 40 million Colin ( 1973 ) last. Quickly, and by October 1967 Biafra had established a private mission in Lisbon 2017 tax cost!
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